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Ethical Fashion Lookbook photography for Wooly Knit Things

Ethical Fashion Lookbook photography for Wooly Knit Things post thumbnail image

Fall & Winter 2016 Lookbook Photography for Wooly Knit Things

I loved creating the lookbook photography for Wooly Knit Things’ Winter 2016 collection. Victoria, the owner and mastermind behind the company, makes each piece by hand herself. She uses all natural fibers and dyes in her garments that are good for you and the environment. And all of her materials are sourced and harvested locally and sustainably. Beyond the social and environmental aspects of her brand that I totally am on board with, her pieces are versatile and timeless. Personally I feel that a good scarf or wrap should be a staple piece in every fashionable and functional woman’s wardrobe. I’m a strong believer in slow fashion, and quality over quantity. So, when Victoria asked me to shoot her look book, I was thrilled. It was fun to really capture her brand’s message and style in an authentic way that showed the quality and beauty of her pieces.

A little bit of praise from Wooly Knit Things owner, Victoria:

“I hired Ella Sophie to photograph my Fall Look book. We had a couple of discussions over the phone to work out the details before the shoot. She not only exceeded my expectations, but she understood my vision. I’ve worked with a couple of different photographers over the years and no one has compared to the quality and enthusiasm I received from working with Ella. She’s smart, professional, and great at giving directions. I couldn’t recommend her enough!!!”

Yes, I included her review in my blog post. Because, well it makes me smile!

“Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.” —Lilly Pulitzer

I hope you enjoy these images!

handmade fashion, Oakland small business, lookbook photography by Ella Sophie. Frida Kahlo knit wrap

Ella Sophie, San Francisco photographer, lookbook detail shot

Lookbook photo for Wooly Knit Things, by Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie, Frida Kahlo shawl

Handmade alpaca scarf, lookbook photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Gray alpaca scarf detail product photo. Ella Sophie, California fashion photography

Handmade slow fashion, product photographers, Ella Sophie Oakland CA

Magenta fringe cowl, Wooly Knit Things, handmade ethical fashion. Photo by Ella Sophie Oakland CA

Oakland CA photographer Ella Sophie, lookbook photography for Wooly Knit Things. Knit alpaca cowl

Gray handmade cowl, fall fashion lookbook photography by Ella Sophie. Oakland

Handmade knitwear fashion design, product detail photo by Ella Sophie Oakland CA

slow fashion lookbook photographer Ella Sophie Oakland CA, handmade gray fringe cowl

handmade purple scarf, sustainable fashion design photography by Ella Sophie Oakland CA

Oakland CA, handmade gray cowl. Lookbook photo by Ella Sophie

soft handmade warm neckwear, lookbook photo by Ella Sophie Oakland CA

San Fransisco Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie, detail lookbook, handmade slow fashion knitwear

Wooly Knit Things Fashion designer and Small Business owner portrait by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

What I love about doing Lookbook Photography

Is the ability to create a story, an emotion, and a message all in one image. Look book photography for me is about capturing the authentic personality of the product. Do you have a product or line that needs authentic representation? I’d love to help! Give me a call or send me an email, we can meet for coffee or chat on the phone about your inspiration, your brand, and your message. Then I will take all of that information and translate it into beautiful look book photography.

I’m working with Wooly Knit Things now to create an ongoing series of branding images for her social media!

I’ll be sharing more images from my work with Wooly Knit Things soon! We have decided to try out a new way of making content, instead of waiting for a full collection to be handmade and ready, I’ll be photographing a few pieces at a time as they are made. Since many of WKT’s knitwear is custom and commission based we wanted a way to show those pieces off. So as each piece is finished it gets sent to my studio in Oakland. We’ve worked together to define a visual style that captures her brand and aesthetics, so that there will be fresh images for her marketing and social media throughout the year. Interested in learning more about this process? Give me a shout and lets talk about creating beautiful images for your brand.


Check out the Wooly Knit Things website and online shop –
Click here if you are interested in seeing more of my fashion photography.
© Ella Sophie – Oakland CA photographer

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  1. I really enjoyed working with you last year and was excited when we decided to work together again.. Sending pieces periodically this year was a great idea and works best for my brand. Thanks ! ❤️

  2. What an adorable company title! I love the way your captured their brand personality in these images, and including that little tidbit from the owner is so sweet and well-deserved!!

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