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Ethereal Natural Beauty Portraits

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Natural Beauty Portraits, a studio session

I love making beauty portraits, and when it comes to working in the studio, I’m in my element. Playing with lighting to create a mood, and to make images that radiate is one of my favorite things. In NYC I used to do studio sessions weekly, creating new lighting or perfecting an existing set up each time. This session felt a little bit like that. Moving a light a little to the left can change an image entirely. Adding a different light modifier or adding gels can create an entirely new feeling. I might have to implement weekly or bi-weekly creative studio portrait sessions again. What do you guys think?

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is sorta trendy right now, which is cool because its about time we as a culture start embracing our natural selves. Playful, colorful, and dramatic makeup definitely has its place. Especially in the world of photography. However sometimes its nice to pair things down and focus on the basics. So for these portraits professional makeup artist Summer Barker focused on bringing out the best in each woman’s look. Her skin, her eyes, her smile, letting her hair be wild and untamed. So yes, they are wearing makeup, its not a no makeup portrait, but it is focused on the true self of each woman.

“You are naturally beautiful when you are yourself”

Hope you enjoy these studio portraits of LeeAlex, Kasumi, and

Etherial beauty portrait, oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland Portrait Photographers, Ella Sophie, Natural beauty portrait of LeeAlex

black is beautiful, natural beauty portrait, black model, Oakland Portrait Photographer Ella Sophie

LeeAlex, natural beauty portrait by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

two women, black and white women, natural beauty portraits by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Oakland photographer Ella Sophie, Natural beauty portrait, beautiful black woman

Soft beauty portrait, natural makeup, purple hair inspiration, by Oakland Photographers Ella Sophie

Natural Beauty Portrait, Oakland, beautiful women,

Women portrait photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA, LeeAlex smiling, natural makeup

If you are interested in booking a studio portrait session give me a call or send me an email! Shout out to the wonderful team who helped make these photos happen!

MUAH: Summer Barker 
Models: LeeAlex, Kasumi Kashy, & Rhandi Purnell 
Photos: © Ella Sophie
Oakland CA boudoir photographer

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