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California Dancer, The body is art

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Is it Dance Photography, Boudoir Photography or Art?

I’d say this session is all three of those things. The photos are free from the stereotypical ideas of what each subject should look like. I love sessions like this one, because I get to combine aspects from many different kinds of photography together. My background in fashion photography has left me with a really good understanding of studio lighting. Playing with studio lighting is one of my favorite things to do. This kind of session boudoir photography requires a certain amount of trust. I have to trust in my creative flow, trust that magic will happen, and trust that being in the moment will pay off.

“she who is brave is free”

I hope you are inspired by these images!

Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, Studio boudoir shoot, dancer bodysuit

Hair flip by California photographer Ella Sophie, dancer in bodysuit

Moody beauty portrait, full lips and blonde hair. By Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Sultry studio boudoir photo, nude leotard, dancer's body.

Confident boudoir portrait by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie

Sheer mesh bodysuit, boudoir portrait by Oakland Photographers Ella Sophie

Seductive boudoir portrait, photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland California

Dancer with eyes closed, natural glowing makeup. Portrait by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Dancer in black dress with messy hair, by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Dancer, emotional conflict, nude bodysuit, boudoir photographer Ella Sophie

Epic hair flip in nude bodysuit, dancer Lee Alex Meyer-Lorey by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Moody beauty portrait, glowing skin. California Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie

Black and white moody distressed dance boudoir photo by Ella Sophie

Fit dancer body, eyes closed, nude leotard. Oakland Photographers Ella Sophie

sexy hair flip in deep purple mesh bodysuit, by California Photographer Ella Sophie

laying down look up, soft dreamy boudoir with natural makeup, San Francisco Photographer Ella Sophie

beautiful dreamy portrait, studio boudoir inspiration by California Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie

Lee Alex Meyer-Lorey dancer, hair flip fine art boudoir photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Strong, fit body, naked back, fitness boudoir. Photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Moody boudoir inspiration, black dress, dancer body. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Dance boudoir photography, black and white photo by Ella Sophie. Oakland CA.

close up sultry boudoir portrait. California boudoir photographers Ella Sophie

Best Boudoir photo, sheer mesh bodysuit. California photographer Ella Sophie

dark boudoir, black and white, portrait by California Photographer Ella Sophie

dreamy boudoir inspiration, dancer body, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Thanks for looking! What now?

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area photographer, I specialize in capturing the strength and beauty of women with authentic boudoir photography. Want to see more of my boudoir photos, check out other blog posts here. Or head over to the main boudoir page on the site to get information on the process.

© Ella Sophie
Oakland CA boudoir photographer

Over the years I’ve developed a serious love for boudoir photography. My studio has wonderful natural light and professional lighting equipment for those times when natural light isn’t perfect. My boudoir photography is for you, the woman, the mother, the wife, the imperfect beauty, the personality, the emotions, and the real you. I create tasteful artistic images that honor you and your body. Be it as an album or wall art, the final product is an heirloom photo collection that will be cherished for years. Boudoir can be scary, but I will walk you through all the steps, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience. 

This shoot was published by Implied Magazine, in January of 2017!

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