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Outdoor boudoir, Dancing in the Rain feeling Sexy and Free

Outdoor boudoir, Dancing in the Rain feeling Sexy and Free post thumbnail image

Earthy, Flirty, Fun, Bay Area Outdoor Boudoir

Danielle has graced me with her shinning presence once again, this time for a fun seductive outdoor boudoir session.

In September 2016 I spent the month on the east coast catching up with all my wonderful clients there. Two nights before I was leaving, Danielle texted me to ask if I still had time to squeeze her in for a session before I left. So, the next day, we made it happen. Although we had planned for a beautiful sunset in the Tivoli Bay, things didn’t go our way. It was raining a little, and the light was fading fast! Nonetheless Danielle rocked her session, we laughed, I almost fell in once (ok maybe twice) and the photos perfectly capture this moment in Danielle’s life journey.

“Finally back home in my element as a country nature girl after traveling around the country and now I’m 29 and leaving my youth with the best bang, back to my roots!!” – Danielle

One of the many things I love about working with Danielle is her look. She has a diverse background that gives her a truly individual and authentic beauty. Her family background has roots including Sicilian, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee. I always love that each angle shows another aspect of her. It is also really wonderful to see her confidence and sense of self grow. We’ve worked together before, and will hopefully get to do it again in the near future. The plan is to keep working together as she gets older, and to someday have a beautiful photo book that celebrates her journey, her moments, her body and soul.

Outdoor boudoir, green romper, woman laughing

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Ella Sophie, open back romper, girl on dock

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Ella Sophie, open back romper, girl standing on dock

Oakland Boudoir Photographer, evening outdoor boudoir in the bay.

boudoir photo of woman with yellow wildflower.

Boudoir Portrait of woman with flower in her mouth

Outdoor Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Ella Sophie, girl in flower dress at sunset

Woman in flower dress at dusk by Ella Sophie Oakland Boudoir Photographer

boudoir photo of woman with flower tattoo by Ella Sophie

outdoor boudoir photo of woman in dress with wildflower in hair, Oakland boudoir photographer Ella Sophie

Bay Area outdoor boudoir, topless woman in shorts on dock at dusk

Bay Area outdoor boudoir, topless woman in black shorts on dock at dusk, Photographer Ella Sophie

Outdoor boudoir photo woman in big sweater by Photographer Ella Sophie

Outdoor Bay Area Boudoir woman on dock with open sweater at dusk

Sexy outdoor boudoir at dusk, woman in open sweater with hands in pockets. Photographer Ella Sophie

beautiful outdoor boudoir at dusk, woman in open sweater. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Topless woman with arms crossed, implied nude, outdoor bay area boudoir photographer Ella Sophie

I’m coming back to NY again soon!

I guess now is as good a time as any to let you all know that I have a NY trip planned! I’ll be there for Christmas, and for a week or two before or afterwards, details are still being worked out. Which means if you want to work with me now is the time to let me know! While it might be a little cold for outdoor boudoir – I’d still do it! And of course I’m available for indoor boudoir, portraits or branding and fashion photography.

What now?

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area photographer, I specialize in capturing the strength and beauty of women with authentic boudoir photography. Want to see more of my boudoir photos, check out other blog posts here. Or head over to the main boudoir page on the site to get information on the process. Contacting boudoir photographers can be nerve wracking! But I will walk you through the entire process and I promise afterwards you will feel like a rockstar!

© Ella Sophie
Oakland CA boudoir photographer

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