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Maternity Portraits, photos of transformation and self love

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Maternity boudoir, embracing yourself, and my one year anniversary in Oakland

I’ll be the first to admit, blogging, and social media are not one of my strengths. However, I’m making an effort, this one I wrote the first week of July, and here I am, finally posting it!

My heart is so full today. It is my one year anniversary of living in Oakland California. Things are really falling into place. The first few months were rocky, moving my business was so scary. I also made the decision to be intentional with this rebuild. So I said no to jobs and clients that didn’t fit my values or style. There were many moments of doubting myself, thinking I am crazy for turning away work when my bank account is screaming at me. But there is this calm voice that has always been somewhere inside of me, reminding me to stay focused, and to be brave.

So I’ve stayed focused, doing the things that take time and effort but in the long run lead to results. Staying true to myself and making real connections with real people who resonate with me.

The last few weeks of June I had so many amazing clients, each one fit with me and  some aspect of my vision perfectly.

What I loved most about this session

When I met with this beautiful pregnant woman I instantly felt understood. She was looking for someone to capture her essence. And to celebrate the beauty of her pregnancy. Despite the fact of having pregnancy weight, or stretch marks, or all the other things that society tries to make women feel bad about. Or maybe not even despite, but in reverence of all of those ‘flaws’.

I always offer to do the photo session in your home. Being in your own space can feel comfortable, and be really meaningful. I also love that it gives me the opportunity to photograph your home. Because years down the line when you are looking back on this time in your life, you can see the images of your home and be reminded of how it felt to occupy that space. For maternity boudoir I also love the idea that your daughters can someday look at those images and remember the home that they first lived in. And they can see how radiant you are.

I normally never get to share maternity boudoir photos, because most of my clients request their images to stay private. So I’m thrilled to have permission to share a few of these photos from her session.

I hope you look at the world today and feel and see beauty, despite the flaws, or maybe because of them.

Boudoir in your home, intimate moments, photographer Ella Sophie

examine the nature of unborn awareness, quote card, photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland Maternity Boudoir Photographer Ella Sophie, pregnant woman on a couch, peaceful sleeping

Embracing maternity, boudoir and self love, photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Maternity self love, tasteful boudoir photography by Ella Sophie, Berkeley California

Pregnancy belly, woman on couch, peaceful self love, photography by Ella Sophie

Outdoor patio, home space for boudoir photography by Ella Sophie

Simple, tasteful maternity boudoir, by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie, outdoor maternity portrait

Do you have a body and soul you want to celebrate? Do you want to make art that is for you? Give me a call or send me an email with all your questions, I’d love to photograph you.

© Ella Sophie
Oakland CA boudoir photographer

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  1. Way to go on your move anniversary! It’s a hard decision, living to CA was one of the best choices I’ve made… ever.

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