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Crimson, Bridal Boudoir Photos, Oakland

Crimson, Bridal Boudoir Photos, Oakland post thumbnail image

Crimson, a black woman’s boudoir session in Oakland

Oakland is a diverse city, and boudoir photography should be as well. However, when I searched Boudoir Photos in google images, out of the first 300 images, 5 showed black women, 2 of those were photographed in a way that their skin looked white. On Pinterest I had a similar experience. So I’ve set out to photograph the beauty of diverse & underrepresented women.

As a boudoir photographer I work with women from all different walks of life. They all have one thing in common, and that is being uniquely beautiful. Each woman has her own strengths, fears, ‘flaws’ and best features. But the industry is so fixated on showing just one thing. The blonde-bombshell-Victoria-Secret body type, as I like to call it.

For this photoshoot my focus was to create images that feature a strong black woman. The flavor is wild, authentic, and natural.

I worked with some awesome Bay Area vendors for this Boudoir shoot!

I got in touch with Ashely, from Ash+OAK to create a flower dreamcatcher, I asked her to create something as unique as every woman, and to use reds. Red symbolizes strength and confidence, and it is a super sexy color. She included local wild flowers, bold reds, and moss and sticks into the design of the dreamcatcher and the bouquet.

When I discovered Pave I knew I wanted to include their jewelry in my work. They focus on creating pieces that are inspired by nature, and use conflict free and fair trade diamonds and gemstones, as well as recycled materials. Their craftsmanship is as awesome as their business practices. So they were the perfect fit for this boudoir shoot.

I hope these images inspire you to reach out to me.  I want to help you discover your own strength, beauty, and best features, no matter what skin color or body type you are rocking.

If you have any questions about this shoot, my photography, or how a boudoir session works, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

boudoir photo woman with red rose

ethical jewelry, diamond earrings, Pave Jewelers by Ella Sophie

bridal boudoir, white gold ring with turquoise sapphire, Oakland photographer ella sophie

Oakland Bridal Boudoir, white lingerie, woman lying down close up

white bra bridal boudoir photos by Ella Sophie

close up beauty boudoir portrait, long eyelashes

laughing bridal boudoir portrait, oakland photographer Ella Sophie

white lingerie boudoir photo woman lying on bed, red sheets

black and white boudoir photo braided hair

oakland photographer ella sophie bridal boudoir portrait, black woman with red lips

Ring shot, turquoise sapphire white gold, unique wedding ring

close up, collar bones boudoir photo smiling woman

close up boudoir photo white gold necklace ethical jewelry

white gold diamond wedding ring set. Ella Sophie Oakland wedding photographer

fit boudoir photo, black woman with white lingerie red flowers

bridal boudoir portrait black woman with white bra

close up boudoir with wild flower bouquet and diamond ring

close up bridal boudoir portrait by ella sophie oakland photographer

close up collar bones and neck boudoir photo by ella sophie

white gold necklace pendant ethical oakland jeweler

boudoir photo of black woman strong back with bouquet. Booty shot

red flower bouquet with moss and sticks. creative bouquet idea

close up of lips, boudoir photo close up, oakland boudoir

red and white flower bouquet, oakland photographer ella sophie

close up wedding ring set bridal boudoir

red rose in mouth, beauty boudoir detail

red rose dreamcatcher by Ash+Oak Oakland florist

boudoir photo, nude back, booty shot standing model with bouquet

I was really excited to work with Ella. While I don’t mean to perpetuate sexism, but I find that women know how to photograph women better than men. I knew we were going to get something special, but I was astounded at how well the shoot turned out. I’ve never felt so feminine and these photos are helping build my confidence.” – Cami

Vendor Links

Photographer: Ella Sophie
Florist: Ashely, Ash+OAK
Jewelry: Pavé
Location: Ella Sophie’s Studio – Grand Lake, Oakland CA

These photos were also published by the fantastic Catalyst Wedding Co! You can check out their article by clicking here.

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    1. These are so beautiful and powerful. I love the message you’re promoting. Thank you for showing the diversity of women and all of our beauty.

  1. Very elegant and sophisticated. Nicely done! Camille can model for me anytime!

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