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Subtle Sensual, Oakland Boudoir Session

Subtle Sensual, Oakland Boudoir Session post thumbnail image

Oakland Boudoir, storytelling and legacy

I love creating stories that celebrate my client’s unique stories. For Danielle that means we get together whenever she has a significant year and do a boudoir & portrait photoshoot. Someday we will take all of the photos taken over the years and compile them into one beautiful book that celebrates her body, her youth, her imperfections and aging, her strength, fears, and growth. This is a concept I absolutely love and I am so happy to have the opportunity to do this with someone.

“the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself”

Here are a few images from our last boudoir shoot.

For this boudoir shoot she opted for my ‘mini session’ keeping things minimal and natural.

I always like to include some beauty portraits in each boudoir session. We kept the makeup simple, with pretty much no makeup at all. Just a little mascara to help make her eyes pop.

Ella Sophie - Oakland Boudoir Photographer - dreamy sexy portrait of woman with brown eyes.

Oakland Boudoir Photo of woman sitting wearing crop top, thigh highs, high waisted lingerie, messy bun Flower tattoo boudoir photo by Ella Sophie Oakland Boudoir Photographer

sexy tasteful boudoir portrait of brunette woman, brown eyes, wearing lace bra

Oakland Boudoir Photo of Woman standing in crop top

I love these high waisted undies, paired with the crop top and thigh highs. It is a super sexy combination.

Boudoir Booty Shot

Laying down boudoir in bed, woman with moon tattoo

A sheer lacy top adds so much to a boudoir outfit. It covers you up a bit more without hiding too much.

brunette with messy bun, black lace bra, thigh highs and high waisted lingerie photographed by Oakland Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir booty shot, black lingerie, tasteful boudoir pose.

Fine art oakland boudoir, ethereal and abstract photo of woman in lingerie with fabric

I have oodles of fabric that I keep in my props bin in my studio. The creative opportunities of fabric are pretty much endless. I love the abstract and ethereal look we created here.

Close up artistic boudoir detail of lingerie

Boudoir in bed, with white sheer blouse and black and white bra.

Subtle Oakland Boudoir woman sitting on bed wearing dress and jewelry

Dreamy oakland boudoir in bed, woman sitting wearing white dress, eyes closed

Sometimes something as simple as a pretty dress can be the perfect boudoir outfit. There is a really subtle sensuality to this outfit without being too sexy. The result is an image that can be proudly shared even with mom, grandma, or your kids. True beauty.

Portrait of a beautiful confident strong woman

If you have any questions about my Oakland boudoir photography studio, or the various options please don’t hesitate to contact me! Also, if you are thinking about doing a similar long term boudoir book please get in touch and we can talk about all the options and rewards of doing this. I cover all of the San Francisco Bay Area and I am happy to travel throughout the US for your boudoir photoshoot!

Photography by Ella Sophie

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  1. This is so classy but sexy, I love it! You are awesome at boudoir photography, well done!

  2. A really interesting topic! I think fantastic lingerie can really have a great effect on any girl’s confidence and draw out her sensuality. It’s so important for any girl to feel relaxed in her own skin and I believe beautiful lingerie, but also elegant nightwear or maybe a great pair of shoes, can help achieve that.

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