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Carrie Burch – Artist Portraits & Interiors

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Carrie Burch – Artist & Interior Designer, Portraits and a recently completed space.

Project Overview: Portraits and Interior Design Photography

I recently had the pleasure of photographing fellow short hair rocking Oakland artist Carrie Burch. Carrie needed professional portraits that capture her personality and spirit. And, she also asked me to photograph an Oakland studio that she designed and implemented. The space was originally a dark and dingy studio apartment. With limitations set by the owner Carrie transformed the space. By creating integrated shelving, and of course a solid coat of paint. Her carefully curated furniture and decor gives the space a nurturing feeling. And, my favorite feature, is the industrial rod she installed as a plant hanging space. Do you want to see more of the interior design images I took of this space? Then head over to Carrie’s website, linked at the bottom of this page.

For the professional portraits I opted for an in studio portrait rather than environmental one. Because in studio gives me the space to capture the client as they are in a minimalist way. Often artists and interior designers have portraits taken in a space they created. However, by creating a blank canvas around her we can imagine her working anywhere.

Interior Designer Carrie Burch walks through her space, photographed by Ella Sophie, Oakland
cozy bedroom nook by interior design artist Carrie Burch, Oakland CA
Bohemian Bedroom interior design photography by Ella Sophie
Small apartment decor ideas, by designer Carrie Burch
Interiors photographer Ella Sophie captures details of a Carrie Burch studio
Home office workspace for small apartment, designed by Carrie Burch

Portrait and Interiors Photographer: Ella Sophie
Client: Carrie Burch, Artist & Interior Designer

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