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Portraits of Authors, Artists and badass women

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Portraits of Authors, Artists and badass women

Today I’m sharing a collection of portraits. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph so many awesome women over the past months. So I’m creating a post to highlight some of the best portraits. Most of these sessions have taken place at my Bay Area portrait studio. While some are outdoors, or in a client’s home. Some of the portraits are very clean, professional, and timeless. While others are more playful and delve into the woman’s personality and voice in a way that feels unique to them.

I love the range of images I get to make and the inspiring women that I get to photograph! These women are authors, interior designers, art directors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, psychiatrists, musicians, and even fellow photographers. They have conquered setbacks, health struggles, and broken through glass ceilings and barriers with defiance and confidence. They are finding themselves, showing up, and holding space for their boundaries and growth. Working with each of them has brought me joy, inspiration and insight into the human existence.

Portrait Ideas

Need some fresh ideas for ways to make your portraits stand out in a crowd? Here’s some of the things I’ve done for this collection. For musicians portraits including an instrument is always a go to, but rather than the overdone high contrast black and white portrait make it fresh with color. Using color that compliments your skin tone, personality, and mood is always a plus. I’m a bit of a color theory nerd so this is right up my ally! Go bold, deep blue is one of my favorite background colors – as you may have noticed. There are a variety of ways to manipulate the mood with lighting, adding a pop of color to the light is one of my favorite subtle ways of creating a mood.

Is it time to update your portraits?

Maybe this reminded you that the last time you were photographed professionally was pre-pandemic. That might feel like yesterday but it has been 2 years. I hope these inspired you! Please reach out if you have questions about the process or want to chat with me about creating something unique for you.

Portraits by Photographer: Ella Sophie

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