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Lifestyle Jewelry Lookbook for Elina Peduzzi

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Lifestyle Jewelry Lookbook for Elina Peduzzi

Project overview:

Lifestyle jewelry lookbook for Bay Area designer Elina Peduzzi. The lookbook is a lifestyle photoshoot with an urban feel. We wanted to create images with a gritty almost industrial setting. The setting contrasts with the clean lines in the jewelry, as well as the models posing and wardrobe.

I worked with Elina from start to finish on creating these images. Doing everything from art directing to production. I love when a project allows me the space and creative freedom to look at it holistically. Creating a mood, finding the wardrobe, and putting together a team is half the fun. Of course all that prep work leads to the most fun part which for me is always the shoot itself. This one was particularly fun because everyone involved was psyched to be there. And we all brought different strengths to the shoot.

Kalkidan Gebreyohannes models for Elina Peduzzi Jewelry lookbook photoshoot in Oakland CA
Jewelry photoshoot with models Zoe West, by SF Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie
Commercial fashion photography empowering women, jewelry lookbook by Ella Sophie.
Bronze and metal jewelry photography by Ella Sophie, model Zoe West wearing Elina Peduzzi designs.
two models posing in Oakland for Elina Peduzzi Jewelry lookbook. Shot by commercial women photographer Ella Sophie
Portrait of Kalkidan Gebreyohannes showing bronze ethical jewelry. By Oakland photographer Ella Sophie
Model Zoe West with makeup by Kalyn Slaughter for Jewelry advertising photographer Ella Sophie
Branding photography for Oakland Jewelry Designer. Confident black woman posing with bronze jewelry.
jewelry branding and on model product photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA. Showing red earrings on model Zoe West
Lifestyle jewelry photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA
Lifestyle jewelry branding image for Elina Peduzzi by SF photographer Ella Sophie. Model Zoe West.
Jewelry photography with yellow metal earrings modeled by Kalkidan Gebreyohannes in lifestyle shoot by Ella Sophie. Oakland
Lifestyle jewelry branding photography. Metal earrings worn by model Zoe West with makeup by Kalyn Slaughter
Powerful and bold photography of woman wearing yellow earrings.
Jewelry lifestyle advertising image by women photographers Ella Sophie. Model Zoe West wearing intricate metal necklace.

About the client:

Working with Elina was so much fun. Her work is stunning and not only that, but she also was an ideal client in so many ways. I don’t often write much about the client other than what their work is like. But I want to share some of why this shoot was such a success. Elina was quick and responsive throughout the planning process. She sent images that inspired her and went through her thoughts on branding with me in detail. Also, we talked through our shot list and jewelry assortment in advance. Giving us enough structure to stay on point but enough leeway for a creative flow.

On the day of the shoot she had her jewelry super organized. Each look was in individual ziplock bags so we could see what it included. This made pairing the jewelry with our wardrobe and models quick and easy. And most importantly; Elina trusted the team I had put together. So, while she shared last minute ideas and suggestions with us she also stood back and enjoyed the shoot. Giving me the space to do what I do best, working with my models and team to create stunning images.

Having a collaborative and trusting relationship between client and photographer is so important. Especially when you are creating images that need to represent your brand.

Photoshoot Location:

I scouted several different locations for this shoot. Including areas around Oakland’s iconic lake Merritt. However in the end i opted for a somewhat forgotten about part of downtown in the Jack London district. This area is filled with warehouse spaces and the primary traffic comes from trucks coming and going with deliveries. The primary specification for the location is concrete, with interesting architectural elements. So the metal grates and loading docks are the perfect setting.

The team:

For this lifestyle jewelry lookbook I reached out to some of my favorite Bay area creatives. Including makuep artist Kalyn Slaughter. And photographer Lisa Vortman as my extra set of hands. Since this shoot took place during Covid we still opted to keep the team small. So I took over the role of wardrobe stylist. Fun fact, in high school I considered becoming a fashion designer. I took several fashion design classes at FIT in New York as part of their precollege program. So wardrobe styling is something I have fun with and have a good understanding of. So I can do it when the situation is right.


This jewelry look book photoshoot has two awesome women as the models. Zoe West and Kalkidan Gebreyohannes. Kalkidan is on my website because I’d photographed her handbag collection years ago. Elina saw some of the photos I took for KALU and asked if we could have her as our model. Kalkidan is a busy lady but luckily we were able to make it work. The second model is Zoe West. Zoe and I go all the way back. We started working together in New York before I even got into college. One of our first shoots was for an admissions project I did for SVA to get the Rhodes Scholarship. For Elina’s jewelry look book shoot Zoe flew to the Bay Area from New Orleans.

Pairing models requires a vision and understanding of their features and look. I suggested Zoe because she pairs perfectly with Kalkidan’s striking features. It is important to be intentional with your model pairing for shoots like this one. Especially because they will be standing close together. You want to make sure the models compliment each other visually. But also taking personalities into consideration is important. Being professional on set is key. But feeling comfortable with each other levels up everyone’s game.

Client: Elina Peduzzi
Art Direction & Photography: Ella Sophie
Makeup & Hair Styling: Kalyn Slaughter
Models: Zoe West and Kalkidan Gebreyohannes.
Assistant: Lisa Vortman

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