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Jewelry Look Book for Mercurius

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Jewelry Look Book Project Overview:

Jewelry look book and advertising images for jewelry designer Mercurius. This is a 4 part project of comprehensive images that capture the spirit of the brand. I created on white catalog jewelry images, still life jewelry photos, and two on model sets. Since this photoshoot was during the Covid19 Pandemic I had to keep the production team as small as possible. So, we opted to use the same model for the full series. Changing lighting and backdrop to differentiate between their two on model sets. For the still life images I played with sand, light and shadow to create dynamic images. They capture the elegance and quality of the jewelry with a suggestion of alchemy.

About the Client:

Mercurius is a husband and wife fine jewelry brand based in Oakland California. I created these images for their new website and for advertising and branding use. Mercurius has two main lines of jewelry. First is their high end handmade pieces, and the other is a more accessible every day wear collection.

Art Direction and Styling:

Mercurius has a strong focus on natural elements. Their pieces are beautiful and elegant, but still have a little bit of Oakland spirit in them. That is to say, they are creative, unique, and dynamic. So using a model with tattoos is totally on brand. To keep the images feeling natural we opted for a no makeup look. For wardrobe we wanted to convey quality and the richness of the jewelry. So I suggested using natural fabrics such as wool, linen, silk and cashmere. I picked each clothing piece based on the client’s brand colors. Sourcing from designers who create clothing that is environmentally conscious. Choosing clothing in solid colors with clean lines leaves the focus on the jewelry.

Jewelry Look book for Oakland fine jewelry designer
Empowered, confident, feminist jewelry advertising with black model wearing natural curly hair
Jewelry still life, necklace with soft light.
Etherial jewelry look book and advertising image
Unique jewelry product photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA
confident, empowered jewelry look book showing model with natural hair
statement jewelry photography with etherial lighting by Ella Sophie, San Francisco CA Photographer
Studio jewelry shoot with model
Customizable pendant by Mercurius Jewelry by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie
jewelry advertising image showing black model wearing green necklace
Jewelry product photographers Ella Sophie, still life of unique necklace
dreamy, etherial jewelry photography by San Francisco jewelry photographer Ella Sophie
Dreamy jewelry still life with sand, shadows and gold ring
Jewelry look book, ring photography on model by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA
rings shown on models hands with dreamy soft lighting for Mercurius fine jewelry designers Oakland CA
Ring still life photo by California jewelry photographer Ella Sophie
unique jewelry product photography by Oakland jewelry photographer Ella Sophie

The Every Day Collection:

These earrings are made from repurposed vintage gold jewelry and gold chains. I love when designers repurpose old and vintage jewelry. It gives the pieces a unique and irreplaceable feel. 

California Jewelry Photographer: Ella Sophie 
Client: Mercurius Jewelry
Model: Alisa Jade 

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