The Rabbit Hole Faces | Bodies Beauty Portraits – Hydrate and Glow

Beauty Portraits – Hydrate and Glow

Beauty Portraits – Hydrate and Glow post thumbnail image

Beauty Portraits – Hydrate and Glow

Project Overview: Beauty portraits in studio with green living plant set design. Focus on glowing, hydrated skin. Showing real skin texture, with rich color and depth. Featuring a CBD face serum, and CBD lip balm from Vertly. 

Beauty portrait in green plant environment By women's empowerment photographer Ella Sophie
Close up beauty portrait of black skin and face serum by woman photographers Ella Sophie, Oakland
Portrait of black woman with glowing skin and cbd face serum with leaves by Ella Sophie Photographer
Beauty portrait of black woman with glowing skin by San Francisco woman photographers Ella Sophie
Beauty advertising portrait of black woman biting lipstick by women's photographer Ella Sophie
Fierce & playful beauty portrait of black woman with cbd skincare by Photographer Ella Sophie
CBD advertising photography of smiling black woman with lip balm. Studio beauty portrait photo.
Profile view of woman with plants, cbd skincare advertising image by beauty photographer Ella Sophie
Moody beauty portrait of black woman with red lips by Ella Sophie, commercial photographer for women
Empowered black woman's portrait with green plant set by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie
Confident portrait of black woman with red lips by San Francisco Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie


I’m always thinking about the role women play in advertising, culture, and the commercial photography industry. Women, especially black & brown women, have shown so much resilience and strength to get us to where we are today.  Simply the act of being unapologetically confident can be revolutionary and defiant. Creating images that show women in a way that is empowered rather than objectified may seem like a small act. But I believe that images – especially advertising – have a huge impact on our psyche. So if I can create images that leave someone feeling inspired that feels like a big win.  

Why Plants?

I wanted to include plants and greenery in this to symbolize the need for us to exist as a part of nature. So for this beauty shoot I reached out to Elycia to create a lush green plant set. I didn’t just want a fun portrait backdrop, I wanted to create a world to exist in. By creating a set that exists in both the foreground and the background the images feel layered and complex. 


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