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Jewelry Catalog for Ryan Jewelry

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Jewelry Photography Project Overview:

This is a multi-part jewelry photography project for Bay Area jewelry designer, Ryan Jewelry. The objective for this photoshoot was to create a catalog of images for their marketing. I helped the Ryan Jewelry identify their brand and captured images of the jewelry that embodied the new look. I also made sure to create images in different aspect ratios for use in various marketing materials. The Ryan Jewelry brand style has an emphasis on keeping a natural and earthy feel with an edgy vibe. The jewelry is high end but isn’t made to exist solely for a glamorous night out.

Assorted custom jewelry pieces in still life photoshoot for Oakland, California jewelry business
Model poses in Oakland photography studio wearing custom jewelry pieces by Ryan Jewelry
Fashion accessories photography session for custom jewelry brand, in Ella Sophie Oakland Photography Studio
Close-up shot of jewelry collection using earthy props, in studio for commercial photography session
Detail shot of custom gold necklace and rings, in studio jewelry photography by Ella Sophie
Natural props in still-life commercial jewelry photoshoot by Ella Sophie Photographer
Model poses for advertising photography by Ella Sophie, wearing custom jewelry rings by local jewelry designer
advertising photography session by Bay Area photographer Ella Sophie, model wearing custom gold necklaces in close-up shot
Detail shot in studio of custom jewelry pieces by Oakland jewelry business
Close-up shot of model in studio wearing custom necklaces, earrings and ring for jewelryphotography by Ella Sophie
High end detail photography of gold jewelry on rocks by studio photographer Ella Sophie, San Francisco CA
Model poses for branding photography session in studio with Ella Sophie Bay Area Photographer
Natural foliage props with custom jewelry pieces in still life, commercial photoshoot in Oakland photography studio
Model posing with custom rings for  jewelry advertising photography session, in Oakland photo studio
Look book photography session for custom jewelry brand by Ella Sophie in Oakland photography studio
Model wearing five layered necklaces in gray tone fashion jewelry photography  by Ella Sophie

About the Client

Ryan Jewelry, led by goldsmith Myles Ryan creates custom jewelry with one of a kind creations. Each piece is carefully designed and handmade using classic and modern techniques. Every piece is a beautiful work of art! Ryan Jewelry had a few jewelry pieces photographed before. But now he needed photos of all the jewelry to highlight the detail and quality of every piece, using a cohesive and professional look.

A fun fact about Ryan Jewelry is that I’ve known the goldsmith behind this work since middle school. As teens we used to paint and talk about art and life together. After years of living life in separate worlds we reconnected when we found ourselves both living here in the bay area. And now we once again have the chance to create together.

The Jewelry Photography Process

I sat down with the owner to create a brand around his current work. We spent quite a bit of time figuring out what his brand was and what he wanted it to look like. He is inspired by the natural world, and the shapes of the jewelry in his collection are very elemental. So we wanted the brand to have a natural feel. Once we determined the look of the brand, I organized the photoshoot. The client pulled together a large collection of his work. Then I planned out the images, the props, and the aspect ratios of images I needed to capture.

The props I chose reflected the earthy feel of the brand. I used stones and dried foliage for the still life photos to provide a nice contrast to the shine in the gold and titanium pieces. The model’s styling reflects the mood of the brand. Her look is effortless and casual while feeling confident and strong.

In addition to the still life and on model jewelry photography I also created catalog images. For these we opted for a gray background instead of white. I love how much the jewelry pops on the gray and that these images are immediately recognizable as part of the Ryan Jewelry collection.

Working with Jewelry Brands

I work with any size of business when it comes to jewelry photography. Whether it’s your first or 100th time working with a photographer, I provide the same enthusiasm and attention to detail to every project! As long as you’re able to communicate what your needs are and are open to new, creative ideas, we can make something magical together!


Art direction, set styling, photography: Ella Sophie 
Makeup Artist: Tamera Marie
Client: Ryan Jewelry
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