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Freckled & Charred Bridal Portraits

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Napa Summer Bridal Portraits – Freckled & Charred

This bridal portraits photoshoot was inspired by a freckled rose that I saw in a garden near my studio. It stood out from the rest of the roses on the bush with its ‘imperfections’. The other inspiration for the images was the unconventional beauty that I found in the recently burned landscape in a section Napa county, in Northern California.

The styling and overall feel of the photos are meant to give a nod to the more adventurous and bold bride who is willing to look beyond the traditional guidelines of a wedding to create an experience that is unique to her. I feel like there is such immense beauty in so many places that are overlooked because they don’t fall into the traditional ideas of what a wedding should be like, and I’d love to encourage more brides and people to look past the traditional and to discover their own beauty.

escape the ordinary

Way Out Wedding’s words about these Bridal Portraits:

“This is the perfect shoot to show you now that we’re in the last days of summer. It’s transitional in that it embraces autumnal colours of dark, dark almost black purple, sienna, and berry, and yet has one foot still in the season before with the see-through dresses, the sunkissed, freckly skin of the model, the hazy sunshine. There is even something beautifully Summerisle about it all…”

Burnt Napa County landscape, by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Napa Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie, surreal bridal portrait with flower crown and vintage dress

wild authentic bride, art bridal portrait, flower crown and dry burnt landscape by Photographer Ella Sophie,

Napa Bridal Portraits, Freckled & Charred, flower inspiration by Photographer Ella Sophie

Napa Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie, Bridal Portraits in burnt california landscape

Moody black and white bridal portraits by Ella Sophie, Oakland Photographer

dry grass, burnt landscape, bride in vintage dress with flower crown and bouquet by Ella Sophie

Detail of unique bridal bouquet by San Francisco florist Ash+Oak, by Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Black and white artistic bridal portraits by Oakland Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Close up freckled face with flower crown and flowers. Napa CA, photographer Ella Sophie

Ella Sophie, Napa Photographer, freckled bridal portrait with flowers, close up

Freckled alternative bride with white lace top. Napa, CA. Photographer Ella Sophie

Ella Sophie, Napa CA. Model Zoe West, adventurous artistic bridal portraits. vintage wedding dress

vintage lace wedding dress, Napa CA wedding photographer Ella Sophie, black and white bridal portrait

Burnt Landscape, Napa CA. Bridal Portrait of Zoe West, by Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie

Model Zoe West, Bridal Portraits with flower crown, and alternative bouquet, by photographer Ella Sophie.

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Ella Sophie - Wedding Photographer

Fun Facts

The day of this Bridal Portraits photoshoot it was well over 100 degrees, totally sunny, and no breeze. I had expected it to be hot, because July in Napa county is pretty much always hot, but we got a particularly brutal day. The model, Zoe, and I drove up from Oakland in the morning. I picked out some beautiful locations the weekend before, so I knew were I wanted to shoot. We had to work very quickly, in 10 minute spurts. We would get out of the nice cool car and step into the heat, within seconds we were drenched in sweat. It was rough, but we kept going.

The amazing vendors who contributed to these beautiful Bridal Portraits:

Photographer: Ella Sophie
Dresses: Bridal Marche
Bouquets: Ash+OAK
Flower Crown: Twine & Dandy
Location: Napa County, California

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5 thoughts on “Freckled & Charred Bridal Portraits”

  1. Wow!!! Those freckles are amazing. Also, I feel like this is a very unique style for bridals. Love it.

  2. THOSE FLOWERS! and the freckles. I love it all. But her hair is seriously so gorgeous. If I could get my curls to do that…I’d be so stoked. Love love love it.

  3. Beautiful shots! Love the moody vibe. Gorgeous dresses, too!

  4. Gorgeous girl! Love the inspiration for the shoot too. Beautiful work!

  5. This is incredible! The styling is awesome and I’m dying over those floral close-ups…

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