Velvet & Gold

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Velvet & Gold

Gold, gemstones, and horsehair. Yellow, lace, and velvet. Curls, freckles, and curves.

Velvet & Gold Project Overview: This shoot was a creative test/portfolio shoot. The velvet and gold concept came to me around 4am. Which is when I have a lot of my creative ideas, forcing me to wake up enough to write them down. The goal was to capture a mood, with deep, rich, gold tones. Elegance filled with raw, unapologetic and powerful sensuality.

The Jewelry: I had the opportunity to include a jewelry from local Bay Area jewelry designers. The rings are from designer and goldsmith Myles Ryan. His pieces are one of a kind and often custom. The rings feel luxurious while still reminding us of the raw elements from nature. The earrings come from Anna Monet. She uses ethically gathered horsehair and natural dyes. Anna makes each piece with intention and integrity. The designs are playful, contemporary and elegant. Anna Monet designs her jewelry to be “in celebration of each woman as an exemplary expression of nature’s beauty.”

The Models: I chose the models because they each represent a perfect expression of beauty. With bodies that have experienced joy, pain, sensuality and strength. Each freckle, curve and curl is unique to them. While also being symbolic of the beauty all bodies hold within them.

Jewelry photography by Oakland photographers Ella Sophie, Model with gold nails and modern earrings
Jewelry & lingerie photography by Ella Sophie, San Francisco CA. Model in gold themed shoot
Body positive lingerie photography for women. By Oakland boudoir photographer Ella Sophie. Women with arms linked together.
Tattooed model in gold themed shoot for Jewelry. By Oakland jewelry photographer Ella Sophie

Photographer & Art Director: Ella Sophie
Models: Alyssa & Lindsay 
Jewelry: Myles Ryan and Anna Monet

Fun fact:
I painted the gold panels for the backdrop. Before settling on photography I considered multi-media arts and spent years painting. Now I paint primarily for myself, but occasionally find ways to incorporate it into my work. 

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