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Bath Boudoir, fluid magic a transformative experience

Bath Boudoir, fluid magic a transformative experience post thumbnail image

Bath Boudoir, a form of fluid magic

I’ve always loved bath boudoir, for me it is a chance to push the creative boundaries. This session was such a fun one, working with my favorite bay area florist Ashely from Ash+Oak, and recently retired dancer LeeAlex. This bathroom set up was gloriously dreamy. On a technical level bath boudoir provides a challenge – working in a small space, and quickly to avoid the model getting prune. Despite the seriousness of LeeAlex’s expression, this shoot involved a lot of laughing.

Honoring your body with art…

Bath boudoir isn’t necessarily a comfortable experience, in fact it can be awkward as all hell. But when I think back on the life changing moments I’ve had, most of them were not comfortable. Embracing your body “flaws” and all is not comfortable. It is empowering, and transformative. Bath boudoir is an experience, like jumping out of an airplane, or doing a standup routine.

The biggest honor for me is to be able to help guide you through a transformative experience. One that you walk away from knowing you are a strong, defiant and badass woman. So if water is your element, or calls to you in some kind of inexplicable way, then a bath boudoir experience would be high on my list of recommendations for you!

“there is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

Hope you enjoy these seriously sexy photos!

Bath Boudoir, jungle, plant bathtub, Oakland CA by Ella Sophie

Ella Sophie, beyond boudoir, fluid magic bath boudoir

Floral bath boudoir by Ella Sophie, Ash+Oak Florist

Bath boudoir by Ella Sophie, flower bath arrangement. LeeAlex dance model

bath boudoir beauty portrait by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

white lace bodysuit, floral bath boudoir inspiration, Ella Sophie, Oakland

black & white nude bath boudoir, Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland boudoir photographer Ella Sophie, etherial nude bath boudoir

etherial flower bath boudoir, implied nude, by Ella Sophie

dreamy bath boudoir, implied nude by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

implied nude flower bath boudoir by Photographer Ella Sophie

Ella Sophie, bath boudoir LeeAlex dance boudoir, Oakland Photographer

fluid magic flower bath boudoir, by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, milk bath boudoir boudoir

milk bath boudoir, makeup portrait by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

I’d love to set up a fluid magic bath boudoir session with you! Feel free to contact me with any and all of your questions. For more information about my personal portraiture and boudoir sessions make sure to check out my website.


Floral Artist: Ashley from Ash+OAK
Makeup Artist: Tamra-Marie 
© Ella Sophie Oakland CA boudoir photographer

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4 thoughts on “Bath Boudoir, fluid magic a transformative experience”

  1. Truly stunning. I have seen milk baths for maternity but never boudoir. I love how tasteful and empowering these images are.

  2. These are truly stunning Ella!!! I love your words and how you compare being so vulnerable to facing fears such as jumping out of an airplane and standup. Absolutely gorgeous work! 😀

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