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Beauty Photography Portraits – Pantone 2021 Colors

Beauty Photography Portraits – Pantone 2021 Colors post thumbnail image

Beauty Photography Portraits Project Overview: 

Beauty Photography portraits with clean glowing skin. The yellow eye makeup is inspired by the Pantone 2021 color(s) of the year – yellow and gray. 

The primary focus for this series is the skin texture. By keeping the makeup creative but minimalist, there is a nod to graphic design. Because this photoshoot took place during the Covid19 Pandemic I kept the team small. Working with just the model and Oakland based makeup artist Kalyn Slaughter.

This past year I find myself shooting smaller or more close up. This seems counter-intuitive to social distancing. But really it is mostly about using the right lens. And masking up of course. Pro tip for photographing while wearing a mask – don’t also wear glasses. I actually asked my eye doctor for contacts so that I could work safer and better. I loved creating these beauty portraits and I hope you enjoy them as well!

clean skin close up portrait by San Francisco beauty photographer Ella Sophie
Clean skin beauty portrait photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA
Perfect eyelashes close up beauty portrait photography by Ella Sophie
clean skin with minimalist makeup by Oakland Beauty portrait photographer Ella Sophie
San Francisco beauty photographer Ella Sophie, beauty portrait of blond model with yellow eye makeup
Colorful beauty photography portraits by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie
Beauty photographer Ella Sophie, profile image of model with pink lips and yellow eye makeup
Beauty photography portraits of blonde model with blush, pink lips and yellow eye makeup
A note on Retouching:

Beauty photography is almost always highly retouched. There is an art to retouching skin. Going too heavy will result in images that feel plastic and unnatural. I can do just about anything in photoshop. In the past this has included giving manicures, changing or adding makeup. And even changing a face entirely. While I still do that kind of retouching once in a while to keep my skills sharp it rarely is necessary for my work these days. Instead my focus is on making sure that I take care of flyaway hairs, or any temporary skin blemishes. I leave fine lines because I personally feel they are a beautiful story and unique to each face. And I don’t make people skinnier, because fuck that.


San Francisco Beauty Photographer: Ella Sophie 
Makeup Artist: Kalyn Slaughter
Model: Lily Fontas

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