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Activewear Photography for GLOW workwear

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Activewear Photography Project Overview:

This activewear photography project is a part assignment. The goal being to create a cohesive set of images for digital and print marketing. GLOW is an activewear and workwear clothing brand for women. They are an online company selling direct to their consumers. So having photography that shows the quality and fit of each piece is crucial. I covered art direction, production, set styling and of course the photography. Firstly I created on model product and marketing images. Secondly I created still life images filled with nature and outdoors elements. And last but not least a few stop motion gifs that show the durability and water repellency of the pants.

If you want the TLDR, here are some more details!

By now you probably know working with women owned brands is my jam, and my peanut butter. So when Emily, founder of GLOW workwear, reached out to me about getting her products photographed I was pretty thrilled. We both share a love for the color orange and are big fans of functional well made clothing.

GLOW is in Wyoming and has a lineup that includes the important outer layers – pants, sweaters, vests. Their clothing can withstand some serious shit. Quite literally – which I love. And the brand was born from experience. Understanding the need to get activewear that isn’t just meant for a studio visit or an afternoon stroll.

I had the pleasure of art directing and producing the two shoots I did for them.

I had the pleasure of art directing and producing the two shoots I did for them. For the model photography we wanted to share the brand’s real fun loving vibe. And still show the clothing clearly with no distractions. So we opted for a pretty traditional studio e-com set up but jazzed it up a bit. By using a bolder background color of this earthy orange. And by bringing in movement. Letting the models jump and move around without limitations. For the non-model still life and gif product photography I played with all sorts of fun things. First I did a little digging through my outdoor gear bin, and my garden shed. I pulled my ice crampons out, a hatchet, and a variety of other tools to play with. And because shit happens I made sure to also get things dirty. Literally submerging the pants in water and covering them with dirt. I was so impressed when I finished the clean up. The pants barely look worn even after I threw water, dirt and rocks on them.

I’ve shared just some of my favorite images from the project. There was a lot to choose from. And I’m already looking forward to the next launch of new colors and pieces. 

Activewear Photography team:

Art Direction, Photography, & Production: Ella Sophie
Hair & Makeup: Kalyn Slaughter
Models: Elexia Cook & Lily Fontas
Client: Glow Workwear

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