The Rabbit Hole Product Skincare swatch photography for Pangea Organics

Skincare swatch photography for Pangea Organics

Skincare swatch photography for Pangea Organics post thumbnail image

Skincare swatch photography for Pangea Organics

The goal for this skincare swatch photography project was to show the rich natural textures of Pangea’s new product line. The final images are a mix of swatch images and still life shots that show the newly designed product bottles. I used the topographic lines on the product bottles as inspiration for the textures I created in some of the swatch images.

Cosmetic product, beauty and texture photography is one of my favorite subjects to work with. There is so much room for creativity as a beauty product photographer. From working with the products to create interesting shapes and textures to how you style and light the set.

Cosmetics styling

I always enjoy getting my hands involved when I’m doing product photography. Working with a set stylist and a team is of course a lot of fun and can lead to some really beautiful collaboration. But I have a soft spot for the quiet flow state I can get into when I work on a project like this solo. My background in fine art – including painting, drawing, sculpture and multi-media studies is the driving force behind my cosmetics styling. Being able to offer product and set styling to my clients is just another bonus I keep in my back pocket.

Lighting Beauty Product Textures

Knowing how to manipulate my lighting is key for capturing the textures in skincare swatch photography. Different light modifier will bring out or subdue various textural elements. If I want to show the luxurious thickness of a lotion I will want to make sure that my lighting doesn’t flatten the image. There is an art to creating light that is both soft and dreamy while also creating depth. In this case I wanted the final images to all feel cohesive.

Skincare Swatch Photography credits:

Product Photographer, & Cosmetics stylist: Ella Sophie
Client: Pangea Organics

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