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Professional Portraits for Oakland Speaker, Curator & Change-Maker Kalkidan Gebreyohannes

Professional Portraits for Oakland Speaker, Curator & Change-Maker Kalkidan Gebreyohannes post thumbnail image

Project Overview: 

For this project the goal is to create professional portraits for Oakland based multi-faceted speaker, curator and change-maker Kalkidan Gebreyohannes. How often do you see professional portrait photography and find yourself feeling utterly uninspired to learn more about that person? Sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? So, the goal with this client was to create compelling professional portraits. Most importantly, images showing the culture, experience and personality that Kalkidan presents to the world. We opted for a studio setting. Because the requirements for her portraits are often within traditional headshot photography. With the restraints of a traditional headshot, we created engaging portraits. Kalkidan will use the images for speaking engagements, press and marketing materials.  

About Kalkidan: 

Kalkidan Gebreyohannes is a multi-faceted Oakland bad ass. She is a mother, speaker, curator, change maker and creative strategist. Kalkidan co-owns the women-owned boutique Alyce on Grand. Additionally, she has designed and created a high-end handbag line. And she continues to inspire and support her community in Oakland and beyond the Bay Area. Find out more about what Kalu’s up to on her instagram.

Portrait Photographer Ella Sophie Oakland CA, portrait of Kalu sitting on modern yellow chair wearing green blouse & denim pants. Confident portraits for modern professional women in California.

Fun Facts:

When I first moved to Oakland in 2016 I walked in to Alyce on Grand one day and struck up a conversation with Kalkidan. We chatted about art, business ownership, politics, family and everything between. We’ve worked together many times over the years. For instance, creating product and look-book photography for her handbag brand. I’m always inspired when working with other multi-faceted people. All too often we hear that we need to specialize. This pushes us to being super focused on being just one thing. But most people have many interests, passions and talents. Allowing yourself to embrace a variety of interests keeps your passions thriving.  

Photo by Oakland Portrait photographers Ella Sophie. Seated professional portrait of black entrepreneur Kalkidan Gebreyohannes. In studio portrait with gray background, seated, wearing jeans and blue blouse

Portrait photography:

If you need branding and marketing images created for your small business please reach out to me. I’m located in Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area. And as you can see by this project I’m happy to travel throughout the US and beyond. I’m passionate about creating images that are powerful and unique to your brand’s voice. I give equal attention and enthusiasm to projects big and small. Additionally, for local clients, I offer ongoing content creation for digital marketing. Including instagram packages to get the most engagement and ROI for your social media.  

 Fashion forward portrait photography by San Francisco portrait photographer Ella Sophie. Portrait of Kalkidan Gebreyohannes wearing large yellow hat and Africa pendant necklace.

Want to learn more about my professional portrait photography services? 

You can learn more about my professional portrait photography services online at 

In addition to professional portraits and headshots I also offer personal portraiture. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I’m excited to chat with you and to create powerful images for you. 

Portrait photography is available at my studio in Oakland CA. I’m also available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for portrait photography sessions. I bring all the lighting and gear needed to make magic happen! 

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