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Satirical Fitness Photos, Just Because

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Where did this Satirical fitness shoot come from?

Well, doing a satirical fitness shoot was not what we had planned for the day. But, sometimes you just have to do something totally silly. On the day of this shoot, I was feeling pretty exhausted, and therefore silly. After a work marathon consisting of travel, a destination wedding, and a ton of photo shoots. Luckily, when model Zoe West arrived we decided to scrap our plans for serious work. And have fun creating a series of satirical images instead. She had just finished up a really busy couple days of travel and photoshoots and was feeling just as loopy as I was.

So, I put on a white stripes playlist, and then the playing began.

Who said all creative work should feel like work? Nobody, or at least no one that I want to listen to.

This shoot was totally ridiculous. We experimented with all sorts of different lighting and outfits. Full disclaimer, there were a few things that didn’t make the final cut. We laughed our asses off when we looked through the shots together. But, ultimately decided that a few of them were just too ridiculous to share with the general public.

But wait, it’s not all fun and games (or tuna, which is what my autocorrect wants me to write)

There is actually a little bit of social commentary going on here. Surprise right? I can’t help but think about how absurd much of the dieting and fitness advertising is these days. So I’m hoping that people see the irony in these photos. Maybe they make you think a little bit. Think about why we as a society are so obsessed with weight, with food. And, the presentation of sweets and junk food as something sexy that super skinny people eat. Because, lets be real, Zoe does not eat junk food. Not only is she naturally small framed. She also eats healthy non processed foods. Her sugar intake is way lower than most Americans. And on top of that she is always active. For anyone who has tried modeling, you know that it is hard work. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some ice cream once in a while. Or even a donut. But definitely not that pink thing we used for this shoot.

A little side note on Creative risk taking

This shoot was purely meant to revamp my creative energy. There was no pressure behind it. I always find that doing something without any expectations leads to a fun creative flow. If you are feeling stuck creatively and want to get a refresh. I highly suggest you take some time to just play. Have fun with your medium, and see what comes out of it.

Funny fitness shoot, by Oakland fashion photographer Ella Sophie, model zoe west

San Francisco ethical fashion photographers, Ella Sophie, summer swimwear editorial, model zoe west

Me Undies summer funny fitness editorial, Bay Area photographer Ella Sophie, model zoe west

satirical fitness photoshoot, orange sports bra, model zoe west, Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

San Francisco boudoir photographers Ella Sophie, Gold bikini top on model Zoe West

best boudoir photographers Bay Area, colorful fitness boudoir by Ella Sophie, model Zoe West

Traveling model Zoe West, portrait by Oakland Ethical fashion photographer Ella Sophie

Me Undies, on model Zoe West, by ethical fashion photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland California.

Satirical fitness swimwear editorial, pink donut, fitness vs donut. By Ella Sophie, model Zoe West

Hot Summer Fashion trends, alternative boudoir photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA Boudoir photographers

Funny Fitness fashion photoshoot, pink donut vs exercise. Photographer Ella Sophie, Model Zoe West

Btw, those glasses were mine when I was a kid. I was super cool, right?

All Images © Ella Sophie

Ella Sophie is an artist and photographer living in Oakland California. She specializes in creating images that empower women. Through portraiture, boudoir photography and ethical fashion photography. Ella strives to change the perception that women have of themselves one photo at a time. When she isn’t working you can find her volunteering at the local animal shelter. Encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and artists. Or traveling and taking in the beautiful wilderness.

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