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art: The Doll Collection

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The Doll Collection

Personal series by Ella Sophie, 2011

The doll collection is photographic work focusing on the expectations of beauty forced onto women and girls. And how those expectations affect women and girls. According to society, girls play with dolls, and are thereby taught to fit into their gender role. Dolls focus on pretty dresses, perfect skin, and expressionless stares. And, above all, the lack of the ability to control their own lives. While luckily many women grow up and cast away these traditional gender roles, some still do not. Their lives become infiltrated with an obsession to look perfect. Because that is what they believe is determines their value. Even when the affects aren’t overt, the subtle inner voice is hard to ignore. There are little doubts that creep up.

The truth about being a doll is that you matter for a few years. And then the owner of the doll looses interest in you. In the end, chances are you will end up stuffed into a closet or an attic corner. Or abandoned in some parking lot or tossed into the trash.

Of course, looking like a doll isn’t actually being a doll. But, the fact is, the world would be a very strange and scary place if every woman looked like a perfect doll. I created the doll collection project over a series of months in 2011. The images where shot using a digital camera and then post processed in Adobe Photoshop. Limited editions prints available, 13”x19” exhibition fiber paper.

The Doll Collection by photographer Ella Sophie. Acacia with shotgun and dolls in woodstock NY.

Photo of young blonde woman as a doll sitting on bed. Conceptual work by Oakland photographers Ella Sophie

Lilith Mesidor in the Doll Collection by San Francisco artist & photographer Ella Sophie. Woman with doll in playground

Doll Collection image by Feminist photographer Ella Sophie. Model Zoe West laying on floor with doll.

Model Zoe West poses as doll for feminist photo series by Oakland artist Ella Sophie

Blond woman with blank stare surrounded by dolls. Feminist photographers Ella Sophie. San Francisco CA

Girl poses as doll in garden. The Doll Collection by photographer Ella Sophie. Oakland CA

Young girl posing as doll in garden. Feminist photo series by Ella Sophie. Oakland Photographer.

Feminist portrait of woman as a doll.

Zoe West posing as creepy doll in art series by Ella Sophie
Dark image of woman as possessed doll. Feminist photographers Ella Sophie

Feminist art by photographer Ella Sophie. Portrait of Doll with human eyes and hair.

Acacia poses as doll with shotgun and armed dolls. Woodstock NY, artist Ella Sophie

Model Lilith Mesidor poses as doll for feminist art series.

Woman shooting herself with pink hairdryer. Conceptual feminist photography by Ella Sophie. San Francisco CA

Model Lilith Mesidor poses as doll on slide in playground. Feminist photography by Ella Sophie

Young woman poses as doll surrounded by barbies. Art about Objectification of women in the Doll Collection

The F word: Feminism

This work is inherently feminist in nature. I often shy away from calling my photography feminist. But ultimately that is what it is. And I’m learning to own it. To me feminism is about gender equality. It is about giving people the right to choose how they want to express themselves. If we lived in a world that embraced feminism there would be less violence. There would be less confusion and anger about gender. And, to be clear I mean that trans and non-binary folks would no longer be seen as weird. By getting rid of the ridged and forced gender constructs we could live up to our true potential.

Other personal work:

You can find more of my personal work throughout the projects section of my site. Other series that address issues regarding gender roles for women include The distorted fishnets, edible | she is consumable, and moments of solitude. To keep up with work in progress follow my instagram.

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