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art: Edible | She is Consumable

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Edible / She is Consumable

art | Personal work by Ella Sophie, 2010

Edible / She is consumable is personal work created in 2010. It is a conceptual art series that comments on the consumption of women. I made this work to submit it as a part of my portfolio applications to Art/Photography BFA programs. The School of Visual Arts in NYC accepted the series and granted me the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship. To create this series, friends and aspiring models volunteered. I created the work in the Hudson Valley in New York. 

Personal work by Ella Sophie. Edible, she is consumable. A woman with an apple in her mouth is feasted on at a dinner table.

Chicken Breasts, raw chicken covers woman's nude torso. Personal work by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie

Woman's body covered in raw chicken meat. Commentary on the consumption of women. Personal work by Ella Sophie

Faceless woman in kitchen with raw chicken in frying pan. Personal work by photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA.

black and white portrait of woman covered in flour.

Personal work by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie. Edible, she is consumable. The meat is on the table. Woman lying on table covered in grapes and papaya.


Art with a capital A feels so institutional to me. So I often lean towards using the word art without capitalization. My personal work is always made with a a level of conceptual meaning. The message behind the work is what makes me feel that art is the appropriate term for the work. I made this work a long time ago. So the technical aspects are not reflective of my current skill level as a photographer. However, the conceptual message behind the work is still relevant. And, more importantly, still fits with my mission as a photographer and artist.

As you can see from this work, I have always been interested in the portrayal of women in images. Gender inequality is an issue I first encountered as a child. So it is no surprise that my early work focused on this inequality. And that my current work – both personal and commercial photography – still focuses on empowering women.

Other personal work:

Over the years I have created several personal series. You can find them on my website’s projects section. In 2011 I created the Dolls series. Images that combine young women and dolls, in sometimes disturbing scenarios. Another project was my BFA thesis series finished in 2014. The Distorted Fishnets series. Other personal work focusing on women includes the Obscured Light portraits. As well as work in progress Moments of Solitude.

You can find more about my personal work and behind the scenes on my instragram. Pro tip, check out my stories and stories highlights.

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