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Spring Beauty Portraits

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I’m happy to share my recent spring beauty portraits! Being in a photo studio filled with flowers is pretty much my dream at all times. So I’m thrilled to share that dream became a reality recently. The California skies have been particularly gray this rain season (which is great for the state’s water needs, but not so great for my mental health.) Being able to create a bright sunny blue sky in the studio was a nice antidote to all the rain.

The story behind these Spring Beauty Portraits

I mentioned the story behind these spring beauty portraits in a conversation on the Focus on Women podcast. But for those who missed it, here’s the scoop. Recently my dear friend Angie and I made a joint purchase of double walled glass coffee mugs. The mugs aren’t involved in the shoot, but their existence was the catalyst. It was midweek when the mugs arrived at Angie’s house. She called me to figure out when we could do the handoff of my half. In that conversation Angie mentioned she was meeting with a fellow model on Friday for lunch. Suddenly, we realized instead of only doing a mug hand off we should pull together a test shoot. So with 2 days to plan I pulled together this concept. Angie was able to ask a florist friend for a few bouquets. And I foraged extra blooming branches from my yard and surroundings.

Spring Beauty Portraits Team

Photographer & Art Director: Ella Sophie

Agent: Brandi Moore Agency

Models: Jayme Sy & Angie Hilem | 3 Model Management

Bouquets: ACME floral co.

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