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Beverages Still Life Photography

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Balanced & Bold

Balanced Beverages Still Life Photography Project Overview:

Beverages still life photography is one of those sub genres of photography that has an endless amount of possibilities. I’m drawn to it for some fo the same reasons I enjoy working with jewelry and beauty products. There is so much room for creative expression. And of course many of the same technical challenges. Working with metallic surfaces, liquids, reflections and textures. I worked with food stylist Bethie Martin on this project. We created three difference recipes. A spicy pineapple margarita, a lavender lemonade, and a version of the old fashioned. Each still life image has balanced items that add a dynamic and fun element. I played with color theory and light to give each composition it’s own look while still feeling like a cohesive collection of shots.

Food & Beverage Photography

If you know me and my work well you may have noticed I’m often a lone wolf when it comes to product based studio work. Because of my background in fine art I’m often taking on the roles of art director and stylist. However when it comes to working with food and beverages I absolutely love working with a stylist. Enter Bethie – a fellow creative under the Brandi Moore Agency. Bethie’s understanding of food and beverages goes well beyond my own. It was so much fun bringing our ideas together to make these shots come to life!

Creative Team:

Photography: Ella Sophie
Food Styling: Bethie Martin
Agency: Brandi Moore Agency
See more wine and food photography on my website here: Product Photography

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