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Distorted Fishnets

Conceptual photo series by Ella Sophie. Completed 2014

This is the Distorted Fishnets series. It was my Photography BFA thesis project for SVA. Throughout my work I’m examining my relationship with women and with myself. Through the lens of fashion & advertising I strive to show women as more than models and objects. However, this can be challenging because of my own experiences of being powerless. The struggle to find strength and sexuality that are mutually beneficial is reflective of my own struggle. As well as that of many young women in our society. There is a transition from girl to woman. A Transition from sexually powerless to being empowered and my work right now is right on that edge. I want to create images that a woman can look at and relate to. I want to remind her of the fight to find her own power, and thereby reinforce it. 

Additionally, I am also looking at the obscurity of fashion, and life. By working with angles to remind the viewer that this is a strange reality. Every photograph is in a sense a manufactured world, however in fashion this concept of being manufactured is pushed to the extreme. 

In the Distorted Fishnets series, I’m focusing my concepts into one closely knit together body of work. By tying the stockings together I’m evoking a sense of conflict. There is a balance that I am working with, between giving up power through objectification and knowing the effect that has on the male gaze and in that sense taking back the control and power. 

The Distorted Fishnets series in its finished state exists as 16”x20” exhibition fiber prints, and as hand made books. 

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