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Portraits for the Queen of Freckles

I got to combine so many of my favorite things for this empowering portrait photoshoot! Some of you may have noticed I like the color orange. I’m currently wearing an orange shirt with a lion illustration on it. I’m also a sucker for freckles, I’ve always loved freckles and wished I had them. But, I digress. A few months ago I somehow connected with Sarah, aka Queen of Freckles, through instagram. I loved her look and she was into my photography. So when she took a trip to Oakland last month we made time to work together. Adding to this magic was Oakland makeup artist Kalyn Slaughter. She is one of my favorite humans around. She created this gorgeous dewey look that brought out Sarah’s freckles and inner glow.
So, what is it about orange?
Once upon a time I was semi-obsessed with color theory. I read everything I could find on color. Orange often gets lumped in with Halloween, or as a safety color. And it can be an abrasive color. There is no way to just ignore orange. It comes crashing into your vision. Without any regard for what it is that you were thinking of beforehand. But the power of orange is also what makes it so interesting to me. When used in the right way it can add a feeling of playfulness and of life. Orange is also the color of the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is in your pelvic area and relates to gut wisdom as well as sensuality. It‘s color symbolizes vitality and strength. As well as playfulness.
For a long time I didn‘t love the color orange. In fact, I disliked it. Mostly because it reminded me of fall in New York. And most instances where I saw orange were Halloween themed things. Fall was always my least favorite time of year. It meant that summer was over, it meant going back to school, and darker colder days. But a few years ago I was driving down windy coastal roads making my way south through California. There I spotted California Poppies. Bright vibrant specks of orange on the road sides. They caught my attention and pulled me right out of my head and into the moment. That was when I discovered the power and beauty of orange. Of connecting with playfulness and strength.
So I hope that my orange filled images come crashing into your field of vision. With a playful energy that brings you here into this moment.

“Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.”―Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I hope you enjoy these bold and beautiful portraits!

Natural Beauty Portrait, Yellow Orchids, freckles, afro hair,

Profile portrait of Saratonin by photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

SF photographer Ella Sophie, natural beauty portraits, empowering women freckles afro flowers

Saratonin portrait by Ella Sophie, Makeup Kalyn Slaughter. Oakland CA

Studio portrait, natural hair and freckles, photographer Ella Sophie Oakland CA

Empowering boudoir, risque portraits of natural beauty with freckles, afro hair, floral dress

Empowering boudoir portrait by Ella Sophie, Queen of Freckles, Natural hair

Natural beauty model in green thong bodysuit, photographed by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Natural freckled beauty with afro, boudoir portrait by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA Photographer

I also wanted to take a brief moment to acknowledge Sarah’s amazing afro hairstyle. As a kid I used to sit with my neighbor while she got her hair done. I’d try to distract her and keep her entertained while her mom put in braids or straightened it. The process was entirely to complicated for me to understand. But I did know that it hurt. My friend was constantly saying ouch, and after the braids get finished her head would hurt for a while. I always wondered why she put herself through that. Or why her mother would do that to her hair. But I didn’t question it, that was just what they did.

Years later I learned that women of color were not allowed to wear their hair natural in many places. It was and in many places still is looked down upon. Controlling how someone looks is controlling who they are and how they feel. Not to mention the tremendous time and money that goes into getting the hair to look ‘right’. So when I see women like Sarah, fearlessly rocking her hair style it makes me feel hopeful for the future.

Do you love these portraits?

If you love these empowering and artistic portraits and want some of your own we can make that happen! Just send me an email and we can start dreaming up all the magic we want to capture in you!

Makeup Artist: Kalyn Slaughter

All Images © Ella Sophie
Ella Sophie is an artist and photographer living in Oakland California. She specializes in creating images that empower women. Through portraiture, boudoir photography and ethical fashion photography. Ella strives to change the perception that women have of themselves one photo at a time. When she isn’t working you can find her volunteering at the local animal shelter. Encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and artists. Or traveling and taking in the beautiful wilderness.

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