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Umber & Peridot Jewelry Photography

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Peridot Jewelry Photography

Project Overview: Umber and Peridot is a soft and dreamy series of peridot jewelry photographs. I created these images in my photography studio in Oakland. My studio is in my home, so I can access it easily during the Pandemic and can completely control the cleanliness and safety protocols I have put in place to keep myself, my team, and my clients safe during this weird time. I used props from my garden and my collection of dried plants. And created a dreamy feel with mixed lighting and soft posing.

Fun Facts:

Peridot is my dad’s birthstone. And is one of my favorite gemstones. It radiates with a positive mood that is hard to ignore. But not in an obnoxious way, rather its joy feels soft and confident.

The ancient Egyptians mined peridot on the Red Sea island of Zabargad, the source for many large fine peridots in the world’s museums. The Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun.”

Black is beautiful, umber & peridot dreamy jewelry advertising photography
Close up of hands and lips, jewelry advertising image by San Francisco bay area jewelry photographers Ella Sophie
Umber & Peridot, dreamy jewelry look book by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie. Model with necklace and dried palms

Jewelry Photography:

I love photographing jewelry, both on and off models. This peridot jewelry photography series is focused on creating a soft mood that reflects the dreamy nature of the jewelry pieces. Each piece of jewelry is unique, the textures, colors, and shapes all need to be considered. In this series the focus is not always entirely on the jewelry, this however is intentional. I am creating a mood. Capturing the essence of the jewelry more so than the individual pieces. Of course I did make sure to focus on the individual pieces for some of the images. My favorite image is the isolated focus on her hands. It feels almost abstract which I love.

A quick note about tattoos in product & advertising photography:

We’re all on board that tattoos and piercings are not just acceptable but also quite beautiful and expressive. Using a model with tattoos and piercings can help capture the mood of your brand. But we do want to be mindful of who the tattoo artists are and make sure there won’t be any issues with copyright if you are using the images for high profile advertising. In this case Alyssa’s ink is by @rickcolao & @_songololo_

Jewelry Photographer & Art Director: Ella Sophie
Model: Alyssa Jade

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