The Rabbit Hole Product Beverage Photography – Boba Tea Still Life Images

Beverage Photography – Boba Tea Still Life Images

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Beverage Photography for Boba Guys

Beverage Photography Project Overview: Create still life images for the various fall/winter boba tea flavors. Create images that feel inviting, with the comfort and warmth of fall. I used textures and soft lighting. The color palette for the set is warm grays and earth tones. This creates both contrast and a cohesive feel for the beverages.

Beverage Photography still life, boba tea group shot with fall colors by San Francisco bay area photographer Ella Sophie

The first time I saw boba tea I was fascinated by how pretty these drinks can be! So when I had the opportunity to photograph these fabulous beverages I jumped on it. These images are for Bay Area based business Boba Guys. This year their fall/winter flavor guide is a fully digital production. Because of the pandemic they decided against making a printed copy. Opting instead to create product photography that captures the diverse and delicious range of their fall flavors.

Of course, we had to create some pouring shots! I love the little drop in this shot. Also the glass jar is so cute!

Since I was already shooting multiple frames to capture the best moment of the pour, I decided to put together a gif of this image. It isn’t perfect but for a quick last minute idea I think it came out pretty good!

Photography & Styling: Ella Sophie
Client: Boba Guys

You can see more of my beverage photography and product photography here.

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