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Product Photography for Rye Beauty

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Product Photography – Project Overview

These are a series of cohesive product photography images that capture the Rye beauty brand for marketing on their website, promo materials and of course for social media. I created a variety of vertical and horizontal banner photographs to fit different types of media. A few of the images are fairly simple product shots that can be used as pack shots. But most of the images are styled still life product images. Some of the used props reflect the product ingredients, while others contribute to the aesthetics of the final image. The final feel is slightly eerie but beautiful, wild and raw. 

Packshot photography image for Rye Beauty marketing photoshoot by photographer Ella Sophie
Product photography image with natural props in studio, advertising photography by Ella Sophie
Stop-motion product photography, close up shot of brow serum using natural lighting and props, image by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie
Product photography with beauty products in natural lighting surrounded by props for woman owned business in the Bay Area
Close up shot of beauty products by Rye Beauty in studio, photography by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie
Product photoshoot for local business by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie
Stop motion single product gif, advertising and commercial photography for Bay Area beauty brand
Natural elements in product photography photoshoot, showcasing vegan and clean beauty brand products
Commercial photography and creative close up shot of beauty products using unique props, images by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie
Stop motion product photography shot with product on textured background, gif image by Ella Sophie photographer
Vegan beauty product photoshoot in studio using natural props and lighting, photos by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie
Multiple products in advertising photoshoot for marketing material, digital images by San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie
Vegan beauty products in studio with natural lighting, product photography by Ella Sophie
Studio photography photoshoot of clean beauty products, natural props and lighting, images by professional photographer Ella Sophie


Michele Holmes founded Rye Beauty Studio in the Bay Area. She has clients that include Silicon Valley execs, leading beauty experts, and celebrities. She was also named “The Eyebrow Whisperer” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Michele developed Rye’s brow serum after years of trying out products that didn’t work for her. She has high standards, so her products are very meticulously formulated. Rye Beauty Studio is vegan, clean and environmentally friendly. I love supporting women-owned businesses that have these values in place. So I was honored when Michele reached out to me to create images for her new brand.

Product Photography Process:

Brow Grooming Serum is the first product of Michele’s growing business. And she needed images for various forms of digital and print media. Launching a product is always a big deal – so picking a photographer to debut your creation to the world is a big deal.

Before getting started, I wanted to understand the Rye brand and who Michele is. I began by looking through their inspiration and images of the brick and mortar salon. I also reviewed the Rye website proof to get a better understanding of the spaces I needed to create images for.

As I planned out the photoshoot I made all the decisions on colors, props, lighting and aesthetic. I chose props that were earthy, natural and a little off-setting. From wild, spiky plants to smooth, hard surfaces, the images had a great balance in colors and textures. The lighting I chose to use was very soft and natural to compliment the smooth packaging of the products. In the studio, I arranged the products to get individual shots as well as pack shots to get a variety of images. I wanted the final result to be as unique as the brand is!
Michele and I were both very happy with how the final images turned out. It is always fun when two people’s creative vision aligns so seamlessly.


Social platforms are increasing their focus on video. So I’ve recently refreshed my video skills. Creating stop motion images is a lot of fun. It requires careful planning and execution: every detail has to be right. The video consists of anywhere between 8-30+ images. So the lighting and image details need to be very precise. There’s no room for fudging things in photoshop here. (Which is half the fun, if I’m honest) I’m currently offering stop motion videos for all clients. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Product Photography & Art Direction: Ella Sophie
Client: Rye Beauty

You can see more of my product and packshot photography here.

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