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Vivo – Lifestyle Photography

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Vivo – Lifestyle Photography

Elegance, Candid, California  

Project Overview: 

California designer Diane Castellan hired me for lifestyle and product photography. Her brand Vivo consists of beautiful hand crafted jewelry, handbags, and home goods. These lifestyle images capture the candid yet elegant California vibe of the brand. Additionally, I also created a series of product still life images.  The still life images feel visually cohesive with the brand. I oversaw the art direction, production, and photography for this project. 

About Vivo: 

VIVO is a collection of genuine shagreen & full-grain leather bags & small leather goods. Jewelry using genuine shagreen and buffalo horn round out the collection.  Home accessories are also made with genuine exotic skins. Bringing the luxury of the materials into everyday use. Diane Castellan designs all the pieces. The pieces are handcrafted from the highest quality materials.  And executed with a modern point of view. 

Ethical sourcing, quality focused:

One of the things I love most about Vivo is the ethical sourcing. Diane believes in using sturdy, dependable materials that will last for years. There are many considerations when it comes to buying accessories or home goods. Buying products that are durable decreases waste. And Vivo’s collection has a timeless beauty that won’t become obsolete in a week when a new trend shows up.

Lifestyle photography for fashion accessories brand Vivo by Ella Sophie

Earrings and necklace jewelry lifestyle photographer. San Francisco photographers Ella Sophie

Model Chelsea Sanson for Vivo Lifestyle, jewelry editorial.

Marin Lifestyle Photographers Ella Sophie, Lisa modeling Vivo clutch and jewelry

Chelsea Sanson & Lisa model fashion accessories in Marin, photographer Ella Sophie

Jewelry lookbook photographers Ella Sophie, San Francisco Bay Area for Vivo. Two models in living room.

Jewelry lifestyle image, by San Francisco Commercial photographer Ella Sophie. Chelsea Sanson wearing Vivo accessories

Cheers, rose wine glasses, gold and horn bracelets. SF photographer.

Laughing woman with Vivo handbag, lifestyle photography by Ella Sophie, Marin CA

Cheers, two women enjoying rose in the garden wearing Vivo jewelry. Photography by Ella Sophie

Leather and shagreen bags. Handbag photography for Vivo by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie
Bags & Accessories advertising photography by Ella Sophie.


Art direction, production, photography: Ella Sophie
Models: Chelsea Sanson & Lisa Vortman
Hair & MUA: Tamra-Marie Johnson
Wardrobe / Assistant: Lindsay Bishop
Denim & some clothing from: Maple Street Denim
Client: Diane Castellan | Vivo 

I want to give a shoutout to my team for making this shoot a success, and fun. Putting together a team that gets along both personally and creatively is super important. Lindsay isn’t normally a photographer’s assistant. But, I knew her eye and sense of style would be the perfect fit for this shoot. And Lisa is normally on the other side of the camera. But as soon as Diane and I talked about her vision for this shoot I knew Lisa had the right look. Chelsea is the type of model who could put chameleon on her resume. Perfectly getting into character. Tamra is a true artist when it comes to the subtly of creating a makeup look that exudes elegance. And, last but certainly not least. A big part of the success of this shoot is that Diane trusted my creative vision and execution.

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