The Rabbit Hole Product Still Life Photography for Vivo Accessories

Still Life Photography for Vivo Accessories

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Still Life Photography Project Overview:

Still life photography images for Vivo. Vivo is a luxury jewelry, handbag, and home goods brand by designer Diane Castellan. The objective for this set of still life images is to match the mood and feel of the lifestyle images. I needed to capture the same sophisticated yet natural California style. So I focused on natural materials that add texture and earth tones to the compositions. For this project I was in charge of the art direction, set and prop styling, and photography. 

Jewelry product photography, styled product photo of horn bracelets

cream leather bag with neutral background, product photographers San Francisco Bay Area, Ella Sophie

shagreen & leather clutch product photo with teal rock by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Vivo Shagreen and horn earring still life photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Horn Earring Jewelry still life photography by Ella Sophie San Francisco product photographers

Leather and shagreen bags with earth tone and natural elements

San Francisco product photographer Ella Sophie, leather wallets with lavender & billy balls.

Hammered metal homegoods product photography by Ella Sophie, San Francisco Product photographers

Shagreen and leather wallets, product still life photography by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

shagreen & gold jewelry photography with rocks and natural textures

Natural stone and earth texture still life photography of Vivo bracelets by Oakland Photographer

Still life of stack of shagreen clutch wallets. Product advertising photography by Ella Sophie

3 clutch bags by product photographer Ella Sophie, San Francisco Bay Area

Natural leather handbag still life photo by Ella Sophie, Marin California

The Process:

The first step for product still life photography is working out the art direction. Diane and I spoke in detail about her inspiration for her work. What other brands had elements of her own in them. And how the images should feel on her site. We also had to ensure that the images would fit into the new site design. Assessing how many final images she needs. Do they need to be banner style, square, horizontal or vertical. Will they double as content for social media? Once we get this part of the foundation squared away it is time for me to work on visuals.

I always pull inspiration images, and find the color palette that I’ll be working with. For this set I got to play with some of my favorite things. I have an ever growing collection of rocks and textured papers. The inspiration for the Vivo product still life images is so on point with my own visual aesthetic. So I was able to pull entirely from objects I already had for the props and set styling.

I created the still life product photography during the Covid19 shelter in place order. Therefore, I worked on my own in my home studio. Thanks to tethered shooting I can check in with my remote clients while working. Shooting tethered means the camera is recording directly onto the computer. So I can see the images full screen right away, and can easily screen share with my remote clients. This way they can see what I’m doing in real time and ask questions or make suggestions if need be.

Art Direction and Still Life Set Styling:

It is common for product photographers to work with art directors and stylists. Especially when it comes to commercial work. Often the art directors or production team will hire the photographers directly. And as much as I love working with a team, there is something special about having full creative control. Especially knowing that my client really resonates with my work. So my advice to you is to always, always, look for a photographer who’s work you resonate with. Because, if you understand their creative vision you can create magic together.


Art direction, set styling, photography: Ella Sophie 
Client: Diane Castellan | Vivo 

You can learn more about the importance of good product photography, and my services in a detailed blog post by clicking here.

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