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Sexy Plus Sized Boudoir – Oakland

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Plus Sized Boudoir Photography

Hold on, before I can say anything about this shoot, we need to address the ‘plus sized boudoir’ title. I can’t help it, that term makes me cringe. Why do I have to label the body size of my client? What’s up with everything over a size 2 being labeled plus sized? Why does boudoir photography always show the same body types over and over again!?  These are just some of the things that come crashing into my mind the second the term plus sized comes into my world. I’ve talked about my issues with the lack of diversity in fashion and boudoir photography before. And this is a topic that you will see come up again if you follow my work.

So why do I use this label to begin with?

Well the answer is easy, visibility. The first step to reduce the stigma around diversity in beauty is to get positive images out there.

So, now lets get to the good stuff. Kimba and I planned this session for the morning with glorious morning sunlight. However, that didn’t go as planned, it was pouring. As a result it was dark, so the studio lighting came out. I did two different set ups, and took a minute to shoot a polaroid!

“Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the perfect body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!”

Finally, here are the photos! Enjoy!

Ella Sophie Alternative boudoir photography, plus size model, lifestyle.

Laughing sexy boudoir photo, tattoo boudoir by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Beautiful face, eyes closed by California bay area photographer Ella Sophie

Eye contact boudoir portrait, plus size boudoir inspiration by Ella Sophie

plus size boudoir model, tattooed woman, by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Oakland Boudoir Photographers Ella Sophie, plus size boudoir portrait

confidence is sexy, plus size boudoir by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Bonsai tree tattoo, plus size boudoir, Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Beautiful tattooed plus size boudoir inspiration, by Ella Sophie

Confident plus size boudoir inspiration, backlit, San Francisco Photographer Ella Sophie

Backlit black bodysuit plus size boudoir, by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

Beautiful smiling tattoo plus sized boudoir, Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie.

Best plus size tattoo boudoir inspiration, smiling. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Polaroid scan, film photography fine art boudoir, Tattooed plus size, Ella Sophie. Oakland

Featured in these photos is Kimba Rose, in addition to being all that, she DJ’s and you can find out more here.

© Ella Sophie
Oakland CA boudoir photographer

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  1. This is the best boudoir session ever!! I love how her personality and unique style shows

  2. Gorgeous. Especially love the direct gaze at the camera. =)

  3. I love how you captured her incredible confidence in these photos! They are gorgeous!

  4. Amazing! This woman has got something about her; you just can’t look away! Congratulations on an amazing shoot. With love from Australia!

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