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Brand Portraits for Jewelry Designer Cielomar

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Portraits for Jewelry Designer Cielomar, capturing the custom jewelry process.

I’ve been working with Cielomar Jewelry for over 6 years now. We first met at West Coast craft shortly after I moved to the Bay Area. I initially approached her because I loved her haircut and needed a stylist recommendation. Fast forward to now and I’ve photographed all of her ready made jewelry collections and had the joy of watching her work evolve into stunning custom pieces. Recently I finally got to photograph the jewelry designer herself! We worked together to create a series of images that would tell the story of her custom jewelry design process.

Staying on brand for Cielomar Jewelry.

If you are familiar with my work you have probably seen Cielomar’s jewelry before. Cielomar has a very strong brand aesthetic that is consistent throughout. So it was important to stay within that brand guideline for her jewelry designer portraits. Finding the perfect space for her portraits was easy since her studio is designed to be fully on brand. A lovely gray accent wall, white curtains, white and black furniture. And a little pop of greenery.

Jewelry Designer Portraits Credits

Portrait Photographer: Ella Sophie
Makeup & Hair: Teresa Song
Client: Cielomar Jewelry
Location: Walnut Creek, CA

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