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Personal Branding Portraits, Oakland

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Personal Branding Portraits for Annie, taken in Oakland, CA.

Personal branding portraits look different for everyone. That’s what I love about creating them. Each branding portraits session is it’s own creative project. I get to meet a new and interesting person, learn about their passions and quirks. And create images that are uniquely their own. Personal branding portraits are useful for everything from the usual LinkedIn professional portrait, to portfolio websites, press releases and confidence building joy.

Finding the perfect space for your branding portraits

You are of course the star of the show, but what is the setting that makes you shine? That’s a question I ask my personal branding portrait clients. We dig into some different ideas to figure out what the ideal space would look like. For Annie this meant a space that has a mix of textures, depth, and a strong design aesthetic. There are several different websites where you can search for spaces to rent for photoshoots. Depending on the vibe we’re going for I’ll recommend a fitting listing service to check out. From there we find the perfect space.

Creating variety in your portraits

The best part of my branding portrait sessions is the variety we can create within a session. For Annie’s portraits we needed to create a clean, more traditional portrait. We wanted to show her relationship with her constant side kick and very well behaved service animal. Creating images that illustrate her working in experience and interior design. And last but not least to capture the beauty of her collection of vintage Kimono.

Want to learn more about working together to create your own personal branding portraits? Feel free to schedule a call with me, and you can see more portrait work here


Portrait Photographer: Ella Sophie

Makeup & Hair: Teresa Song

Location: Oakland, CA

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