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Jewelry Advertising Photography for Mercurius

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Jewelry Advertising Photography for Mercurius

If you regularly follow along you know Mercurius is one of my favorite local Jewelry Designers that I work with regularly. For our most recent model shoot we had the chance to do create something extra special. Alisa, the co-owner of Mercurius, and I have often talked about how our choices of model matter for representation. And that even as a small business the images we put out can make a difference. Creating a jewelry advertising campaign with an older model has been on both of our wish lists for a while. This summer the stars aligned when my beautiful mama agreed to model Mercurius’s latest pieces. It was such an honor to get to work with my mom, who in her mid 60’s is as stunning as ever.

Thoughts on Older Women in Advertising

It has always seemed strange to me that as a society we don’t admire our older population. The long held belief is that a woman’s value is in her sex appeal – and of COURSE a woman who is past menopause has none of that, right! Right? Well I call bullshit. Not only should we have figured out by now that a human’s value is in so much more than their sex appeal but also I’m pretty sure that post menopause women don’t turn into none sexual beings. I mean, haven’t you watched Grace & Frankie? I hope that as a society we can be better in our representation. Older models shouldn’t be limited to ads for healthcare and elder services. You know the ones I’m talking about… I hope this is the first of many jewelry advertising shoots I do with models who have cruised around the sun over 60 times. So here’s to representation, one photoshoot at a time.


Art direction, photography: Ella Sophie
Makeup Artist: Theresa Song
Client: Mercurius
See more jewelry photos on my website here:Jewelry Photography

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