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Growing Pains, and a visit to Muir Beach

Growing Pains, and a visit to Muir Beach post thumbnail image

Growing pains… & a visit to Muir Beach

Growing Pains, this seems to be the theme of 2017. Over and over the words growing pains are coming into my consciousness. In my business, the move and rebuild, the struggles, the pain is all a part of my long term growth. When I’m working on myself I have the same revelation, the examination and efforts to improve are difficult but will lead to me becoming a better version of myself. And, this election, this current political pushback that is happening around the world, it is part of humanity’s growing pain, because growth and advancement is inevitable even in death. And so while many of us feel afraid of what is happening, remember to have hope, remember that no growth happens without a little growing pains. Years from now we will look back at this moment in history and recognize it as a shift in the tide, a time when the fight for equality and human rights is growing and strengthening, pushing through the pain. We will continue to grow.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

I’m processing my own growing pains by taking time in nature.

Whenever I have some free time I go outdoors to nature. Living in the Bay Area I have access to a massive amount of stunning hikes. A year ago Chris and I started our through hike (turned section hike) of the Appalachian Trail. Followed by a 6 month traveling adventure. (You can read more about that here). I’m still getting settled in here and getting used to living in one place again. Spending so much time traveling and then moving to an entirely new place has pushed me to really reflect on my life. I am now the designer of my destiny. While I always have been, it has never been quite as clear as it is now. Recently Chris and I went to check out Muir Beach for the first time. I also brought my camera along with me. So, here are some photos I took around there.

Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, personal, green abstract image

Purple spring blooms, Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, personal day

Casual photo of Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Chris took this one 🙂

Beautiful california landscape Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, personal day

Moss on trees, california coast, by Ella Sophie

Beautiful organic farm on the ocean, by Ella Sophie Oakland Photographer

Oakland photographer Ella Sophie, pacific ocean

Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, travel, wanderlust on stone beach

beach stones, by Ella Sophie

ocean mussels by Ella Sophie Oakland Photographer

Ocean waters, mussels, abstract by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Ocean waters, mussels, abstract by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Breaking Waves, pacific ocean california coast by Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie

abstract, red crab in blue rocks by Ella Sophie

California coast sunset by Ella Sophie

Sunset Portrait of my husband, by Ella Sophie Oakland Photographer

Golden Hour, casual photo of Photographer Ella Sophie

Sunset colors in the pacific ocean by Ella Sophie

I hope you enjoyed these images! Go find your happy place, your place of balance and growth. Don’t forget to find inspiration and beauty in life!

ÂĐ Ella Sophie


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2 thoughts on “Growing Pains, and a visit to Muir Beach”

  1. Particularly like the second photo……so relaxing and the second to last photo 🙂 🙂
    Feeling the growing pains lol but appreciate the growth as well.
    Beautiful photos as usual.

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