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Cosmetics Swatch Photography

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Cosmetics Swatch Photography

For this project I worked with John Ross from Lulu Artists Collective. Our goal was to create a series of cosmetics swatch images that reflect our combined interest in pairing hard and soft. With bold colors, movement, and of course opulent textures. Playing with a variety of cosmetics including lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow, and skin and hair products. Working with our knowledge of color theory we paired softer liquid cosmetics with the powder texture of eyeshadows. Creating vivid and lively combinations such as fuchsia and neon green. Pink and bold blue. As well as more monochromatic and analogous color combinations of black and brown. Beige and glittery brown. We shot each item on a dark textured background of black and dark green. Giving the cosmetics swatches the ability to stand out, feeling as if the image was three dimensional.

Mascara Swatches:

We took a departure from the dark background for our mascara swatches. Wanting to play with water to show off the waterproof quality of the mascara. Pairing black waves and zigzags with a cheerful blue water. Bringing in soft waves and water droplets to contrast the stark feel of the mascara.

Cosmetics Swatch Photography Creative Team:

Photography: Ella Sophie
Styling: John Ross Thomas
Agencies: Brandi Moore Agency | Lulu Artists Collective
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