Architectural Photography Project: Private Villa, Dubai

Architectural Photography Project: Private Villa, Dubai post thumbnail image

Project Overview: 

Architectural photography project in Dubai, UAE. This recently finished private villa in Dubai features a stunning spiral staircase accented by a fully circular fixture. The interior stands in contrast to the bright, sleek exterior. Filled with dark marble walls, ample velvet seating, and curved lighting. The goal of the photography is to show how the lighting design plays a key role in the interior design. The exterior features a lap pool, as well as a variety of smart shade and airflow solutions that make the desert heat more tolerable. 

Architectural photographer Ella Sophie Dubai residential living room round lighting velvet & marble

gray and black marble bar with accent lighting, interior photography by Ella Sophie. Dubai UAE

Entertainment room with velvet & marble accents, round custom light fixtures. Architectural photographer  Ella Sophie

Exterior architectural photography of private courtyard at Dubai Villa. Photographer Ella Sophie

Exterior architectural photography of poolside courtyard at Dubai Villa. Photographer Ella Sophie

shaded lap pool in private villa courtyard, by Oakland architectural photographers Ella Sophie

Architectural photography background:

Architecture and good design has always been interesting to me. In fact, I considered pursuing a career in architecture and interior design. People often ask how this work fits in with the rest of my repertoire. The connection is in my love of light, texture and composition. Additionally, I’m drawn to the detail and technical aspects of architectural photography. My introduction to architectural photography was by my mother. She worked in marketing for architectural lighting. Often photographers didn’t understand the subtle details important to photographing architectural lighting. So, seeing a problem that I had a solution for I jumped in. Generally the architectural industry is mostly men. But this is changing over time. And I’m excited to be working during this time of evolution.

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Project Team:

Photographer: Ella Sophie 
Location: Private Villa, Emirates Hills, Dubai UAE 
Lighting Manufacturer: Sattler GmbH 
Agency: CV Lighting
Architect: BE Consultants FZE 

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