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Anza Borrego Superbloom Roadtrip

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Anza-Borrego Superbloom Roadtrip

In March of this year you may have heard about the amazing superbloom happening in the south west desert. Chris and I were itching for a camping trip and our 10 year anniversary was coming up. We decided to take a long weekend and go for an impromptu road trip. We left on a Thursday afternoon and drove down to near Los Angeles, we spent the first night in a road hotel, not the most glorious of places but sometimes that’s ok. The next morning we got an early start, making our way south to the Anza-Borrego state park for the superbloom of the century.

Photographing our trip

Whenever we go somewhere adventurous that doesn’t involve long distance backpacking I bring my camera & gear. I’ve developed a real love for the desert, I never knew there were so many flowers that bloomed in a desert. Desert flowers are such a strong reminder that thriving in even the most difficult circumstances is possible.

The extreme clarity of the desert light is equaled by the extreme individuation of desert life forms. Love flowers best in openness and freedom.” –  Edward Abbey

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Pink Cactus blooms, spring superbloom, southern california

yellow cactus flowers, spring super bloom, california anza borrego state park

spring superbloom, anza-borrego state park

abandoned desert building, south west desert

giant worm feeding on superbloom

yellow and pink flowers in the desert, spring superbloom

white cactus flowers, spring superbloom

yellow cactus flower, Anza-Borrego superbloom

South west desert mountains, spring superbloom

yellow and blue desert superbloom flowers

red and yellow cactus flowers, cactai super bloom

2017 south west super bloom, yellow flowers

cacti detail, green leaves, superbloom

south west super bloom red cacti flowers. Travel Photographer Ella Sophie

Adventure photographer Ella Sophie, purple spring superbloom

sierra designs tent, desert camping, hiking photographer Ella Sophie

Desert sunrise, adventure photographer Ella Sophie, super bloom

Desert wash, spring superbloom, Anza-Borrego state park

desert superbloom at dawn, adventure photographer Ella Sophie

Waking up just before the sun comes up is one of my favorite things about camping. Catching the dawn and the sunrise.

Adventure photographer Ella Sophie, desert super bloom sunrise

Desert superbloom sunrise, wash, panorama, by Adventure photographer Ella Sophie

Anza-Borrego superbloom, desert flowers. California travel Photographer Ella Sophie

desert sand details, by Photographer Ella Sophie

desert cactus, spring superbloom, travel photography by Ella Sophie

travel photography by Ella Sophie, south west desert superbloom

cacti closeup details, desert superbloom

white desert cacti flowers, south west super bloom

We made a slight detour on our way north and stopped at the Salton Sea, a salt water sea that is loosing water yearly. The trees around the lake have died, and there are abandoned houses, and streets. The smell was pretty awful, but it was worth the trip. I’ve never seen another place like this in my life. The shoreline is hard packed, and covered in shells and fish bones.

Salton Sea, dead palm trees, travel photographer Ella Sophie

Adventure photographer Ella Sophie, Salton Sea california

fish bones, salton sea, adventure photographer Ella Sophie

dead fish, salton sea, california adventure photographer Ella Sophie

Adventure photography by Ella Sophie, Salton Sea california

On the last night of our trip we stayed in a little valley near a desert wash. A dog came and visited us at our camp site, she was drinking from the spring stream water.

Dog drinking from Spring desert wash, travel photography by Ella Sophie

Yellow spring flowers, california superbloom, photographer Ella Sophie

This takes the top of my favorite sunrise views so far.

Sunrise, snow capped mountains, desert superbloom by photographer Ella Sophie

Desert superbloom sunrise, photography by Ella Sophie

Sunrise at desert superbloom, travel photography by Ella Sophie

Last stop on our trip, we stopped at the poppy flower fields, I’ve never seen so many flowers in one place. It was stunning.

poppy wildflower super bloom, southern california

california poppy superbloom, spring flowers, by Ella Sophie

Travel photography by Ella Sophie, California poppies

Do you have a place that you have traveled to that I should check out? Let me know in the comments. Oh and, obviously I love traveling, so if you ever want me to come see your area for a shoot just let me know. Happy trails.

© Ella Sophie
Oakland CA Photographer

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