On Location

Lifestyle and portrait photography of women. These images are created for brands, editorials, and individuals.
Creating images that celebrate diversity, strength and the individual beauty of women has always been the driving force behind my work.


These images are from various indoor and outdoor locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout the US. Included in this portfolio is advertising, personal branding, editorial, lifestyle, and fashion photography. Additionally included are empowering personal boudoir portraits. After over 10 years as a professional photographer I have developed a wide range of work. My ability to bring out the strength and beauty in women in any setting can be applied to many uses. I'm available for personal branding photography as well as commercial work. Including advertising, fitness, look book, and lifestyle photography. I have worked with amazing women-owned San Francisco Bay Area gyms and fitness studios. As well as created visual content and branding photography for various designers. Including jewelry, handbags, homegoods, beauty products, accessories and clothing. I strive to work with like minded women who are creating brands that are ethical and responsible. Creating images that celebrate diversity, strength and the individual beauty of women has always been the driving force behind my work.

Women on Location - Lifestyle & Fashion Photography for brands and designers

If you are looking for someone to photograph your next collection you have come to the right place. I work with designers who are creating ethical pieces that enrich the lives of their customers. I work with a wide range of models and talent. My services include production and art direction. By combining product photography and lifestyle photography for brands I am able to create a full visual style that ties your marketing together. You can see an example in this project overview. Vivo Lifestyle Photography Please contact me to discuss your next project.

Personal Branding Photography

Personal branding photography is becoming more and more important as we continue to evolve into a digital world. I will work with you to create images that visually communicate who you are as a person and what you are passionate about. I have worked with speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, musicians and artists. Creating branding images for everything from social media use, to album covers, to press. You can see an example of a personal branding session I did for an Artist here. Street Portraits with murals and smoke

Empowering Boudoir Portraits

You don't always have to have a professional reason to need photographs of yourself. In fact, I'm a strong believer that celebrating who you are now is reason enough! In addition to the studio portrait and boudoir experience that I offer I'm available for outdoor boudoir. In the past I have photographed my clients in their homes, underwater, in historic mansions, and outdoors on nature adventures. To learn more about this type of personal photography experience check out this blog post. Beyond Boudoir, Capturing Feminine Power