Ella Bessette, Oakland commercial photographer self portrait

Personal strengths include being incredibly organized. Staying calm in challenging moments. And hiking hundreds of miles at a time.


Photography BFA from SVA, NYC
Commercial Arts AAS from DCC, NY
Professional member of APA and asmp


I’m Ella Sophie - a San Francisco Bay Area based commercial photographer. Specializing in photographing women and products, in studio and on location.

My images have a bold and powerful aesthetic that does not cater to the male gaze. With a detail oriented focus on how light, form, and texture work together.

I have a foundation in fine art and a fascination with advertising. Bridging the two worlds has always been a puzzle worth solving. The driving force behind my work is empowering women and creating a better, more just world.

A note on power... powerful doesn't always mean loud, in your face, brute force. My definition and understanding of power comes from seeing the force of a peaceful protest. Watching the subtle drip of water erode a rock face. Or how a delicate flower can grow strong in the harsh desert. Power can be quiet, and subtle while achieving great things.

Email or schedule a call with me to discuss your next photo project.

Stuff you don’t really need to know:

I speak 2.5 languages.
Sometimes I sleep outdoors in subzero temperatures.
Currently a cat-mom to my adopted old man Sir Snugs.
Chris and I eloped in the mountains wearing hiking boots.
I love good design.
I’ve been to almost all 50 states.
I use the word fuck, it’s a side effect of growing up in NY.
I always have breakfast.
I only buy orange cars.
I cut my own hair.
My objects were color coded and organized since before Marie Kondo was trendy.

Partial Client List



Care Division
Cielomar Jewelry
Harwel Godfrey
Laruce Beauty
Mercurius Jewelry


Dorian Webb Jewelry
by Kalu
Cecelia Claire
Salon AKS


Bliss Fitness
Core Society
Lily Fontas
CB Fit