ECOS, conscious cleaning products campaign:

Creative Direction

I worked directly with the marketing team at ECOS to help them create a campaign that highlights the importance of non-toxic cleaning products. This project came to fruition during the Covid19 lockdowns here in California. So we had to keep the number of people on set to an absolute minimum. The deliverables needed were product and beauty images for each of the three new unscented products. Including their hand soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent.

The concept we developed was to create a pair of images for each product. One beauty portrait and one still life. Using brand colors to create a clean, refreshing and natural feel. The images work both independently and as dyptichs.

Project Details

This project came to me through the wonderful work of Heather Elder and Jim Baldwin. Together they founded the Create in Place directory. Create in Place helps connect creatives and clients during the Covid19 pandemic. Enabling the safe production of commercial photography projects. By artists and creators who can work with minimal crew from their own homes. I got to work with some of my favorite Oakland and San Francisco bay area models for this series. For covid safety I kept the team limited to myself, the models and the makeup artist. I also spread the shoot out over several days to reduce having everyone in the studio at the same time. I love how these beauty portraits came out. And seeing them paired with the product photography is so satisfying!

Product Photographer Ella Sophie.   Product Photographer Ella Sophie.

Product Photographer Ella Sophie.   Product Photographer Ella Sophie.   Product Photographer Ella Sophie.

Product Photographer Ella Sophie.   Product Photographer Ella Sophie.

Some background on how I approached this project

If you’re interested in reading more about the details of this project, check out my blog post about it.

Art direction and prop styling are a big part of my work as a photographer. Not all photographers prefer to work this way. But for me combining these roles is completely in my wheel house. Because I studied fine art, commercial art, and photography in college I can apply a vast range of experience and knowledge. This is why I thrive working on projects like this. Problem solving, and being able to think about the images from all angles. How do the product shots relate to and tie in with the beauty portraits? What are we trying to say? How does the hair styling, makeup and wardrobe play into the concept. By opting for a more natural makeup look I’m able to put the focus on the women in the image. Their unique beauty, their strength. This is a recurring theme in my work. I’m always looking for ways to remind the world that there is beauty in diversity.

Beauty and product photography and art direction for ECOS campaign