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About this work:

adjective: clandestine: kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.
The thoughts that get pushed into darkness.

Clandestine is an ongoing series, limited edition prints of all images are available.

Clandestine investigates some of the often-unacknowledged struggles facing young women today.

Conflicting images of what role women are meant to play in our society creates a constant struggle for many to keep up appearances, and their masks become so engrained that they start to take over. Mental health and emotions are trivialized and downplayed in a society that is too busy to recognize or react to the challenges facing so many.

Abstract body positive photography art series, Oakland CA

Sleeping beauty, body positive nature boudoir, art photographer Ella Sophie Oakland

Eyes Closed sensual portrait of woman. Bay Area Boudoir art photographer

Edgy feminist boudoir photography, woman in mask on bed by San Francisco Photographer Ella Sophie

Dark and moody studio art portraits of women with arms crossed. Oakland CA

Artsy Boudoir, dancer inspired, woman sitting in black tights. Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Dark sensual portraits, tasteful images of women, neck and hands detail. woman in barn

Artsy portraits, woman in black thigh highs and gold flats. Brick wall, San Francisco Photographers

Dark moody boudoir, gold flats and thigh high stockings. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Black & White edgy boudoir photography. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Vintage inspired artsy boudoir photography, San Francisco Bay Area

Artistic spooky portrait of dancer, mask and mirror. Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired dark boudoir, wallpaper and brown print. Monochromatic boudoir

Conceptual photography, masked woman and hands. Oakland Artist Ella Sophie

Dark Fierce artistic portrait, woman with red lips. Oakland Photographers Ella Sophie

Black masked woman, dark beauty boudoir portraits, San Francisco Photographer

Edgy Studio boudoir Oakland Photographer. Glowing skin, edgy portraits

edgy conceptual boudoir photography. High Waisted underwear, blue light.

Dancer in the dark, hand highlight, creative portrait photographer Ella Sophie

Dance inspired edgy boudoir. Conceptual art portraits by Oakland photographer

Dyptich of body without head. Contorted body, blue light, me too