Thank You cards for Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Thank you for making me become the photographer I am today

As a professional photographer I have a lot to say thank you for!

First up, I need to say thank you to my parents. Little kid Ella couldn’t wait to get homework, and then I couldn’t wait to get a job! (Clearly I was a strange kid). But while my friends got jobs shoveling snow, or babysitting I had to figure something else out. My parents wouldn’t allow me to get an after school job. They, like many immigrant parents, wanted me to focus on school and on my future. So I started side hustles pretty early on. I helped my classmates with their papers and homework. I sold drawings and art. And then at 17 I started freelancing as a photographer. After all, my parents said I couldn’t get a job, they didn’t say I couldn’t start my own business.
Thank You cards for Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

My first subjects

When I first started out as a photographer, my friends put themselves through a lot for me. Like laying in a pile of broken fencing. Or climbing through old abandoned buildings, and posing in a dress in the snow. Ok, the last bit about the snow, I still have people do that sometimes. But I owe those friends a big fat thank you! Thank you for letting me take a million bad photos of you to get the few good ones. Thank you for encouraging me and cheering me on.
Custom Thank You Notes. Ella Sophie Oakland Photographer

My fearless models

After a few years of playing with photography I started applying to BFA programs. This requires having a body of work to show. One of the admissions counselors told me my work was ok. But if I pushed myself it could be good enough to get a scholarship. So over the course of a few weeks I threw myself into creating a series of photographs of women. The series was about the objectification of women. And about the consumption of the female image. My models posed with food. In one case covered with raw chicken breasts (thanks Zoe, I’ll never forget that). Those images resulted in my scholarship.
Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie, Thank you card front and back

My amazing wedding clients

The first few weddings that I photographed were pretty intense. And I’m so glad that those awesome couples took a leap of faith. Trusting me to be their artistic wedding photographer. Over the years I’ve become a seasoned and confident wedding photographer. There is no lighting situation that I can’t handle. But, picking me to be your wedding photographer is still a big deal to me. While I know I have all the tools and skills I need to rock the job, I also know you picking me means a lot. So thank you to all my awesome, creative, adventurous couples who include me on their wedding day!
Thank you card with california poppy illustration, for Ella Sophie

The badass women of the world

What I’m most well known for is creating photography that celebrates women. Sometimes called boudoir photography, or artistic boudoir, or empowering portraits. Whatever the term you want to use, the key ingredient is trust. Allowing me to photograph you oftentimes nude or damn close is a huge deal. I take that responsibility very serious. Thank you for trusting me to create photographs that honor your strength, vulnerability, and beauty. Thank you for opening up to me about your wounds and allowing us to create space for them to heal. And, thank you for appreciating yourself, which in turn allows other women and girls to do the same.
Writing thank you notes to clients. Photographer Ella Sophie, Oakland CA

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All Images © Ella Sophie
Ella Sophie is an artist and photographer living in Oakland California. She specializes in creating images that empower women. Through portraiture, boudoir photography and ethical fashion, and alternative wedding photography. Ella strives to change the perception that women have of themselves one photo at a time. When she isn’t working you can find her volunteering at the local animal shelter. Encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and artists. Or traveling and taking in the beautiful wilderness.

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  1. Love the stories about your first photos shoots, can def relate. It’s too funny to think back on, all the gal pals I’ve tortured yet how thrilled they were with the photos.

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