Model Zoe West poses for the Doll Collection. Photography by Ella Sophie.

art: The Doll Collection

The Doll Collection Personal series by Ella Sophie, 2011 The doll collection is photographic work focusing on the expectations of beauty forced onto women and girls. And how those expectations affect women and girls. According to society, girls play with dolls, and are thereby taught to fit into their gender role. Dolls focus on pretty dresses, […]

art: Obscured Light Series

Obscured Light: a conceptual fine art series. Obscured Light is an experimental portrait series. In which I am working with obstructing the light as it reaches and records on the camera’s sensor. All images are made in camera without the help of post processing. Each image is a combination of calculated composition. As well as […]

Sunrise, snow capped mountains, desert superbloom by photographer Ella Sophie

Anza Borrego Superbloom Roadtrip

Anza-Borrego Superbloom Roadtrip In March of this year you may have heard about the amazing superbloom happening in the south west desert. Chris and I were itching for a camping trip and our 10 year anniversary was coming up. We decided to take a long weekend and go for an impromptu road trip. We left […]

Calm sunset sky, growing pains, personal growth. by Ella Sophie

Growing Pains, and a visit to Muir Beach

Growing pains… & a visit to Muir Beach Growing Pains, this seems to be the theme of 2017. Over and over the words growing pains are coming into my consciousness. In my business, the move and rebuild, the struggles, the pain is all a part of my long term growth. When I’m working on myself […]

Couple's Choice Award 2016

Couple’s Choice Award Wedding Photographer

I want to take a moment and write about winning the 2016 Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award. It really means so much to me when my clients take a minute to express how much they liked my photography and services. So giant thank you to all my awesome clients! Here are a few of the […]

6 months of traveling, and a new home!

So, I went MIA for a few months… and I thought it would be nice to try to squeeze all of what I did during that time into 1 little blog post! In December, I packed up my belongings in my apartment that I had called home in NYC for the past few years. With […]