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Product Photography

This is a small selection of product photography,
I have experience with both straight forward catalog style as well as more styled conceptual photography.

Beauty Products, Face Serum, Styled Product Photographer San Francisco. Glowing bottles

Blemished face seru glowing bottle, styled product photographer San Francisco. Stylist Olya Breton

Styled product photography, lavender, crystal. Oakland Product Photographer Ella Sophie

Beauty Product Photography styled by Olya Breton, Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Bodyscrub styled product photography, Sunflower, San Francisco photographers Ella Sophie

Jewelry product photography, three pendants wrapped crystals. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

SF Jewelry designer catalog photography. Studio product photography of bracelette

Gold geometric earrings catalog photography by Ella Sophie Oakland Photographer

Mixed metal jewelry photographer, white background photography. Oakland

Accessories, fashion handbag product photography by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Styled Jewelry Product Photography Oakland. Necklace pendant, white gold and moss

Food Photography San Francisco, citrus & Brie. Photographer Ella Sophie

Charcuterie and Pesto Food photography San Francisco. by photographer Ella Sophie

Cauliflower charcuterie food photographer San Francisco. Kale Chips, Salami, Olives

Food Photography for San Francisco Baker, Cakes, Catering. Blackberry tasting cake

Wine product photography, advertising photo and bottle. Napa Wine Photographer

Slow Fashion Product Photographer, gold handbag details. San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie

Small Batch Spirits, liquor bottle product photographer Oakland, San Francisco

I offer product photography for independent designers and small business owners in conjunction with lookbook and advertising images.

The need for good product photography in the world of e-commerce has never been greater. How do you communicate the quality, color, texture and feel of a product when you can't show it in person. The answer is of course great photography.

My studio is in Oakland, and I can arrange for your products to be picked up, dropped off, or shipped for their photography debut. If you are looking for a styled image I work with professional prop stylists to create unique and memorable images.