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Look Book Photography

Each look book photo shoot is unique, because I strive to authentically represent the designer and their collection. This is a small selection of my look book photography.

Conceptual, black power, lookbook for KALU, by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

LookBook photography by Ella Sophie, Oakland. Fight for equality

California handbag designer by Kalu empowering look book photography by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie Click here to see the full look book shoot and read the story behind this powerful Kalu handbag collection.

Jewelry lookbook photography, beautiful asian model by ethical fashion photographer Ella Sophie

Etherial studio lookbook photography, jewelry designer Palais Apiim

Chakras Collection Look Book for jewelry designer Palais Apiim by Oakland fashion photographer Ella Sophie

Alex Steele Handmade painted Kalu handbag, feminist fashion lookbook photography, San Francisco photographer Ella Sophie

Look Book photography, handmade feminist fashion design, Kalu handbag painted by Alex Steele

lookbook photography for kalu california handbag designer, painted by Alex Steele

Sustainable leather, handmade handbag, by california lookbook photographer Ella Sophie.

Lookbook photo for Wooly Knit Things, by Bay Area Photographer Ella Sophie, fashionable knitwear

Outdoor natural style, look book photograhy for fashionable knitwear and fall fashion

Wooly Knit Things sustainable fashion knitwear, Lookbook photographer Ella Sophie

Natural outdoor lookbook photography for jewelry designer Impressed by Nature

California jewelry design lookbook photographer Ella Sophie, natural outdoor style

San Francisco Fashion photography, nature inspired jewelry lookbook by Impressed by Nature

Gold metallic handbag lookbook photography, industrial space oakland california, by Ella Sophie

Feminist metallic handbag by Kalu, Industrial space, Oakland lookbook photographer Ella Sophie

recycled rubber sustainable jewelry design, lookbook photography by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

About my look book photography:

I love working with independent designers to create look book images to represent their collection and their mission. My studio is based in Oakland, CA and I work with Bay Area and California based jewelry and fashion designers. I'm happy to travel throughout the US to create the perfect images to represent your brand. I also frequently photograph collections that are sent to me from small towns and cities around the country. In addition to working with fashion designers on their look book I offer product photography for cataloge and online retail.