Purple lingerie and hair with lavender flowers. Ethereal goddess portrait by Ella Sophie. Oakland CA

Ethereal Portraits: Obsessed with flowers & badass hair

❝That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.❞ Ethereal Portraits: Floral Badass Hair Styling Inspiration Sometimes things don’t go as planned. This creative editorial photo shoot was one of those times. I’ve had these floral ethereal portraits in my head for […]

Natural unposed portrait photography, by Oakland photographers Ella Sophie

Punk Rock Boudoir & Body Shaming

Punk Rock Boudoir Ok so I’ll start out by saying how excited I am about sharing this punk rock boudoir photo session! I’ve always had a rebel streak. And find myself often connecting with people who walk the offbeat path in life. So I love that this session embraced Zoe’s personal style and attitude. Combining […]

Close up natural beauty portrait by photographer Ella Sophie. Model Queen of Freckles

Queen of Freckles

Portraits for the Queen of Freckles I got to combine so many of my favorite things for this empowering portrait photoshoot! Some of you may have noticed I like the color orange. I’m currently wearing an orange shirt with a lion illustration on it. I’m also a sucker for freckles, I’ve always loved freckles and […]

Underwater portraits, boudoir goes beyond the bedroom. Photographer Ella Sophie

Underwater portraits, boudoir goes beyond the bedroom

Underwater portraits, boudoir goes beyond the bedroom Who says boudoir should be lingerie photos in a bedroom? I certainly think that there is a lot more to a powerful woman than that! So I love that I’m able to take my outdoor boudoir to a new level with underwater portraits. I’ve always loved water, as a […]

bath boudoir, detail shot white lace bodysuit, Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Bath Boudoir, fluid magic a transformative experience

Bath Boudoir, a form of fluid magic I’ve always loved bath boudoir, for me it is a chance to push the creative boundaries. This session was such a fun one, working with my favorite bay area florist Ashely from Ash+Oak, and recently retired dancer LeeAlex. This bathroom set up was gloriously dreamy. On a technical […]

Angie Hilem, Empowered woman with flower crown, headdress, dessert dunes. Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Beyond Boudoir, Capturing your feminine power

Beyond Boudoir, a photo experience. I’m excited to share the images from this recent beyond boudoir photo adventure. Angie had such a great experience that she offered to write a guest post about the photoshoot. So the following words are from the beautiful Angie herself. Guest Post by Angie, about her photoshoot experience. I’ve hired […]

Dancer Lee Alex Studio Boudoir Editorial, mixed light, by Ella Sophie

California Dancer, Boudoir Photography or Art?

Is it Dance Photography, Boudoir Photography or Art? I’d say this session is all three of those things. The photos are free from the stereotypical ideas of what each subject should look like. I love sessions like this one, because I get to combine aspects from many different kinds of photography together. My background in fashion photography […]

Tattooed boudoir photography by Oakland photographer Ella Sophie

Sexy Plus Sized Boudoir – Oakland

Plus Sized Boudoir Photography Hold on, before I can say anything about this shoot, we need to address the ‘plus sized boudoir’ title. I can’t help it, that term makes me cringe. Why do I have to label the body size of my client? What’s up with everything over a size 2 being labeled plus sized? […]

close up flower bouquet bridal boudoir photo, black woman. by Oakland Photographer Ella Sophie

Crimson, Bridal Boudoir Photos, Oakland

Crimson, a black woman’s boudoir session in Oakland Oakland is a diverse city, and boudoir photography should be as well. However, when I searched Boudoir Photos in google images, out of the first 300 images, 5 showed black women, 2 of those were photographed in a way that their skin looked white. On Pinterest I had a […]